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Medical Discharge Policy
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Medical Discharge Policy
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I. F-3
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Medical Discharge and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


If an employee is not capable to perform his or her job duties, it is PMU policy to terminate an employee’s service based on illness or disability as defined below. Such illness or disability will be confirmed by a medical report approved by the President.

Extended Illness

An employee absent from work for of one hundred and twenty (120) days during a contract year will be medically discharged.


In the event an employee is disabled to the extent that the employee can no longer fulfill the employee’s duties or transfer to another position, the employee’s contract will be terminated and the employee will be medically discharged.


When medically discharged, an employee is entitled to the following:

  • PMU provided repatriation ticket back to designated airport.
  • To be paid any annual leave or holidays which are accrued and not yet taken at the date of termination.
  • To be paid the Saudi Service Award.

In addition to the above entitlement, the employee terminated due to disability which is either job related or non-job related will be compensated under the applicable provisions of the Saudi General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) Law, as determined by the GOSI Office.