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Dismissal for Cause Policy
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Dismissal for Cause Policy
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I. F-5
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Employee’s Dismissal for Cause and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Termination by the university of the employment of an employee before the expiration of his or her contract will be only for cause. PMU will determine what would warrant cause of dismissal in any given case.  Some possible examples are as follows:

  • Failure to work efficiently or effectively;
  • Insubordination;
  • Serious professional or personal misconduct, examples of which include:  committing a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or a felony; willful destruction of university property or violent disruption of the orderly operation of the campus; acceptance or solicitation of gifts that might tend to influence the discharge of one’s professional responsibilities; stealing and publishing as one's own the intellectual property of another; misuse or misappropriation of university property, resources, or funds, including funds held by a faculty member as part of official duties; sexual or racial harassment.
  • Professional incompetence and/or neglect of professional duties
  • Mental or physical disablement of a continuing nature adversely affecting to a material and substantial degree the performance of duties or the meeting of responsibilities to the institution, or to students and associates.
  • Illegal use of narcotics, drugs or controlled substances.
  • Intentionally or knowingly violating any university order, rule or regulation.
  • Major breaches of government laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia