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Code of Conduct Policy
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Code of Conduct Policy
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I. G-1
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Code of Conduct and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Employees (and sponsored defendants where applicable) shall conduct themselves in a proper and responsible manner.  This conduct will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Comply with the laws, customs and traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • Respect the religious beliefs and practices of the citizens of the Kingdom and members of the PMU community; avoid actions, comments or mannerisms which could be considered as insulting or objectionable;
  • Conduct themselves in a manner which will bring credit to PMU and their country of origin;
  • Dress in appropriate business or business casual attire while working for PMU, and exercise good judgment in selecting apparel for use in the community at large
  • Adhere to the established rules, regulations and administrative policies and procedures established by the University;
  • Receive students with courtesy and offer assistance whenever it is required.  It should be noted that meeting students is to be within normal PMU working hours and on the PMU premises;
  • Ensure that all working hours are devoted to assigned responsibilities and duties;
  • Perform assigned duties in a careful and honest manner, giving the best effort to PMU;
  • Refrain from working for, representing, acting on behalf of any outside or competing concern unless authorized in writing by PMU;
  • Refrain from disclosure or dissemination of any confidential, proprietary or private information concerning PMU and its business including information regarding employees, students and PMU operations without prior authorization from the President of PMU;
  • Use PMU resources for PMU business purposes only.  Resources may not be used for personal gain and may not be used for personal use except in a manner that is incidental and reasonable in light of the employee’s duties