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Responsibilities Policy
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I. H-1
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to PMU and Employee Responsibilities for Health and safety issues and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


This administrative responsibility will fall under the Vice President, Administrative Affairs & Business Development.  The PMU Health & Safety Committee will assist the Vice President in the ongoing requirement of this policy.

PMU Responsibilities:  PMU responsibilities will include:

  • developing programs and initiatives to ensure that PMU is a safe and healthy place in which to work;
  • ensuring that any housing maintained by PMU is a safe and healthy accommodation;
  • ensuring that equipment is operated appropriately and safely;
  • ensuring that there are safe systems of work regarding the handling of equipment, substances and materials;
  • ensuring that there is supervision of operations by qualified staff;
  • ensuring that there is adequate training to carry out the job;
  • ensuring that protective clothing and equipment are provided where appropriate;
  • Ensuring the availability of medical advice and treatment.

Employee Responsibilities:  Employee responsibilities will include:

  • following all policies, procedures and instructions issued that seek to provide a safe and healthy environment;
  • using protective clothing and safety equipment provided;
  • reporting to their supervisor any faults in equipment or safety procedures that they notice;
  • reporting any incident(s) that may have led or might lead to injury or damage;
  • protecting the PMU assets and interests;
  • Following and abiding by the rules and regulations of PMU and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Management Responsibilities:  It is the responsibility of all levels of management to ensure that the responsibilities listed above are followed.