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The Progressive Disciplinary Model Policy
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The Progressive Disciplinary Model Policy
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I. J-1
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to The Progressive Disciplinary Model Policy and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.



A “progressive discipline” model as set out in this policy is a process where the objective is to the correct the problem at an early stage through informal means.  Should it not be resolved at this informal stage then PMU will move to a formal stage, which would consist of a formal written warning, suspension and dismissal.  The progression is to a higher level of sanction by PMU giving the employee every opportunity to correct the problem.  It should be noted that not all four stages need be followed in each case.  The process will depend on the nature of the problem and the response by the employee.


Whenever there is a behavioural conduct problem and/or a job performance problem, it is incumbent upon the employee’s immediate supervisor to meet with the employee and discuss the problem(s).  The supervisor must define the issues and also set out the remedy sought to correct the problem or issues.  This discussion is between the employee and supervisor only.  There is no written record submitted to the Human Resources Department; therefore, the process remains informal.  This stage may be repeated more than once for the same problem or similar problems.


Should the problem(s) continue following an unsuccessful resolution at the informal stage then the supervisor is to meet with employee and provide them a written warning setting out the problem(s) and/or issue(s) and the remedies sought by the supervisor.  This meeting will be attended by a representative of the Human Resources Department.  The written warning will be placed on the PMU personnel file for that employee in the Human Resources Department.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to go through an informal stage to initiate the formal stage.  The supervisor is to consult with the Human Resources Department before initiating this stage directly.  The formal stage may be repeated