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Procedure for New Employee Policy
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Procedure for New Employee Policy
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I. A-9
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Procedure for New Employees and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


New employees are required by PMU to provide all the valid documentation prior to the commencement of employment.

►  Local Hires

When an expatriate employee has been transferred from another employer in Saudi Arabia to PMU, his/her existing residence permit (Iqama) will need to be changed to reflect this change in sponsors. Likewise, if this change is from father or spouse, a change in sponsorship is required. The Government Relations Officer will assist the employee in the process. Nevertheless, when hired, the new employee will sign an undertaking that will state that if sponsorship is not changed to Prince Mohammed University within ninety (90) days, the employment contract may be terminated.


►  International Hires

When an expatriate employee is hired from outside the Kingdom, the Government Relations Section is responsible for obtaining the necessary visa to come to Saudi Arabia. New employees may be brought into Saudi Arabia on either a business visa or a work visa.  If a business visa is issued then it must be converted to a work visa as soon as possible.  The final stage is the process of obtaining an Iqama.  The employee must be in possession of his/her Iqama at all times while in the Kingdom