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Relocation Allowance (Visa Processing)
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Relocation Allowance (Visa Processing)
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I. M-1
Human Resources
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  • To ensure that All Faculty member reimbursements are properly documented and duly authorized.
  • To provide guidelines and restrictions regarding those cases where relocation costs are necessary for an individual to accept employment with the University and to reimburse the new employee for allowable relocation allowance consistent with good business practices and budgetary limitations.

  • The Maximum relocation allowance allowed is Five Thousand Saudi Riyals (SR 5,000.00).
  • The Relocation Expenses covered the following items;
    1. Visa Expenses
    2. Medical Allowance
    3. Transportation ( Prior approval is needed for the Airline Ticket)
    4. Hotel Accommodations ( Prior approval is needed)
    5. Shipping Expenses
    6. Any Other expenses directly related to visa processing