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Exit Visa Single and Multiple
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Exit Visa Single and Multiple
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I. M-2
Human Resources
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  • According to HR policies & Procedures PMU Employees ( Non –Saudi’s) are eligible to get Single Exit in a yearly basis.
  • PMU Employees are applying for Single /Multiple Visa in prior time

  • Employees are eligible to get the said Exit Visas after completing six month period at PMU
  • Any employee wants to apply for the said Exit Visas before completing the six month period have to submit a written approval from his/her direct Superior.
  • Before completing the six month period, charges of issuing the said visa will be deducted from the employee monthly paycheque.
  • Only Directors  & Faculty member are entitled to get a multiple visa covered by PMU.
  • Only PMU Rector has the Authority to waive the Exit Visas charge applied to anyone