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New Suppliers Policy
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New Suppliers Policy
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XVI. 1
Procurement and Contract Administration
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This policy sets outs the guideline for the acceptance of new suppliers.


Procedure :

Vendor/Contractor Application

  • All vendor’s/Contractors’ must complete and provide all the necessary documents needed (mentioned in FORM). Registration FORM is also available in the PMU website.
  • The complete form will be returned to PMU with the “REGISTERED COMPANY SEAL”.
  • After submitting and receiving the forms, all vendors’/contractors’ are subject to verification and approval of all the documents submitted e.g. Company Profile, Zakah Certification, and Financial Audit etc.

Approval & Categorization

  • Approval and Categorization/Classification of Vendor’s and Contractor’s into 3 Classes, A,B, and C:
    • Class A: 500,000.00 S.R. up (Project’s or Purchase Orders)
    • Class B: 499,000.00 S.R. to 100,00.00 (Project’s or Purchase Orders)
    • Class C: 99,999.00 S.R. below (Project’s or Purchase Orders)
  • Evaluation of Vendor’s/Supplier’s Classifications;
  • Supplier’s/ Vendor’s classification will be according to the below;
    1. Company profile
    2. Company C R Capital
    3. Company Current Projects
  • Vendors/Contractors who are qualified and approved will automatically receive an invitation to bid or request for quotation/proposal (RFQ & RFP) from purchasing Department.
  • Vendor’s /Contractor’s Numbers are given/issued after receiving the approved Purchase Order or Contract (Automatically available in the Budget & Accounts Department – Banner System).