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Warehousing Policy
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Warehousing Policy
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XVI. 4
Procurement and Contract Administration
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To ensure that all items in the warehouse are properly accounted and no items are missing.


Procedure :


  • Upon supplier’s delivery, the warehouseman should physically check the items delivered and compare it to the Purchase Order and the supplier’s invoice and delivery note.
  • All items received should be centralized to the warehouse to ensure that all items being purchased were received completely and in good condition.
  • Warehouseman should prepare the receiving sheet with item description, unit, quantity and cost and supplier’s invoice, delivery notes and corresponding P.O for signature of the Warehouse Supervisor.
  • Warehouseman should enter the item received in his working paper.
  • Receiving Sheet should be attached to supplier’s billing and delivery notes and forwarded to the Purchasing Department to process the payment.


  • All items issued should be accompanied by the Office Supplies Request Form which should be authorized by the Department Head requesting the items.

Return to Supplier

  • Material is physically provided by the supplier. Material is determined to be the incorrect product or does not meet specifications.
  • Perform research to identify the problem with the material, the date received and, if necessary, decide who received the material.
  • Notify Purchasing and Central Warehouse of the need to return the material.
  • Place the material into the designated “to be returned” area with supporting documentation.
  • The supplier is notified that material is to be returned. If the supplier agrees to accept the return of the material immediately the material is set aside to be picked up by supplier.

Year End Inventory Count

  • Year-end inventory is conducted. Computer generated report denoting the inventory level of all stocked items is run.
  • Staff conducts a physical inventory and notes count of each item. The physical inventory count is then reconciled with the computer inventory levels and adjustments are made to the inventory to reflect the number of actual stock items on hand.
  • Discrepancies are reported to the Director of Financial Affairs for further investigation.