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Professional Development Center Functions and Responsibilities Policy
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Professional Development Center Functions and Responsibilities Policy
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VI. A-2
Professional Development
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To explain the various functions and responsibilities of the Professional Development Center.


The Professional Development Center plays a pivotal role in the efforts of PMU to become a 21st century university with a new academic culture.  It has as its primary role the development of faculty and administrative personnel in carrying out their duties by keeping abreast of current and changing methodologies as the university seeks its identity among the institutions of higher learning.

The Professional Development Center Functions and Responsibilities Policy lays out Functions and Responsibilities of the Professional Development Center. It does not specify the specific procedures for the Professional Development Center. 

Functions & Responsibilities

  1. Operate in a manner consistent with Saudi cultural values.
    The Professional Development Center staff follows the university’s gender separation policies as they provide equivalent services in these areas to both the male and female campuses of the university.
  2. Provide academic orientation services to all newly appointed PMU faculty, administrators, and staff.
  3. Support and provide resources for the efforts of academic units to implement cross-curricular coordination.
    1. Cross-university emphasis:  In all programs, the center staff and the committee will work together to achieve the goals.
    2. Program-specific emphasis:  Within individual programs, the staff will work to integrate PMU’s educational approach into the curriculum
    3. Preparation Program:  The Professional Development Center will provide faculty with the development, guidance, and support that are essential for students to be successful in the Preparation Program.

      The center will give special attention to the needs of the faculty of the Preparation Program as a special constituency charged with a critical responsibility that will lay the groundwork for student success in all academic programs.
    • Capstone Program:  The Professional Development Center will provide assistance, when requested, to each of the colleges in developing the content  and delivery of such courses
    • Academic Colleges:  The Professional Development Center will assist PMU’s colleges in creating and implementing customized instructional and assessment processes.
    • Support Units:  The Professional Development Center will oversee, develop, and evaluate professional development programs for professional staff outside the academic colleges.
  4. Develop faculty to promote improved student learning in student-centered instruction and outcomes assessment

    The faculty-oriented programs of the Professional Development Center will assist in orienting faculty who are not familiar with the outcomes approach and will promote improvement of the learning-outcomes program overall through-
    1. Programs for all faculty
    2. Programs for adjunct faculty
    3. Programs to recognize faculty
  5. Promote and provide resources for the strategic integration of instructional technology in all appropriate aspects of the PMU curriculum.
    The Professional Development Center will provide four key teaching resources:
    • Training for faculty and staff on a range of instructional technologies
    • Training for faculty on appropriate pedagogies for online instruction
    • Training to faculty and staff concerning key resources, including course management systems, linear presentation software, and multimedia software
    • Training on how to identify and effectively integrate into the curriculum online learning resources
  6. Promote and provide ongoing faculty development through programs, workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and the facilitation of faculty collaboration in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

    In order to accomplish its mission, the Professional Development Center provides support in eleven key areas.
    1. Best Practices: The center will assist when requested to develop best practices
    2. Instructional Technology Tools: The center will enhance student learning by supporting appropriate instructional technology tools for faculty.
    3. Exemplary Learning Resources: The center will provide exemplary learning resources.
    4. Parallel Learning Opportunities: The center will offer parallel learning opportunities for male and female campuses with a focus on:
    5. Model for Professionalism: The center will extend the model for professionalism.
    6. Support for PMU Culture: The center will contribute to and support the desired culture at PMU.
    7. Accountability: The center will exemplify accountability by:
    8. University-Wide Learning Community: The center will nurture a university-wide learning community.
    9. Value Continuous Learning: The center will communicate the importance of teaching and learning across the campus.
    10. Collaborate With Other Units: The center will coordinate and collaborate with other units of the university.
    11. Value Continuous Learning: The center will value continuous learning.
  7. Devise and help implement, in close collaboration with the Learning Resources Center, activities that support information literacy development.
    1. LRC Staff Development
      Collaboration between the Professional Development Center and the LRC will help achieve the understanding that continued professional development for librarians will be a key factor in their success in providing effective information literacy programs
    2. Secure Key Resources for the Professional Development Center
  8. Develop and aid in the implementation of approaches and instruments for the assessment of learning outcomes. 
  9. Provide special programming for administrators to enable them to better direct an institution founded on the precepts that guide PMU. 

    The center will:
    • Design programs in coordination with the Director of HR and with the Rector, to encourage administrators to constantly re-examine administrative patterns and their effects on employee performance.
    • Coordinate closely with HR to help university leaders stay up-to-date on changing circumstances.
    • Concentrate on building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of faculty and professional staff who will deliver academic programs.
  10. Maintain an active enrichment program that promotes academic and intellectual excellence across the PMU learning community.
    • The Professional Development Center should strive to provide programs to enhance the intellectual and professional climates of the university by bringing in guest speakers and visiting experts in pedagogy, nurturing learning communities, and promoting the scholarship of teaching and learning.