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Professional Development Committees Policy
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Professional Development Committees Policy
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VI. A-3
Professional Development
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To ensure that Professional Development programs adapt to the ever changing and ongoing needs of the university.


This Professional Development Committee policy describes each of the required committees including their purpose, schedule of meetings, and the composition.

  1. Advisory Committee to the Professional Development Center

    Purpose:      To provide a high profile vehicle for the flow of information and concerns up and down the academic administrative chart.  Its input will help keep the offerings of the Professional Development Center closely aligned with the needs of the university community.
    Additionally, this committee will serve as an efficient means of briefing university executives on the center’s activities and needs.
    Scheduled Meetings  The Advisory Committee’s meetings will be limited to twice per academic year.

    Composition              Members of the committee will be selected from -- the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, the Vice Rector for Student Services, the Chief Information Officer, the academic deans, the Director of the Learning Resources Center, the Coordinator of Learning Enrichment Services, the Director of the Division of Research Development and the Director of the Library.
    Other selected directors, PMU administrative officers, faculty, staff, and student representatives may be selected as needed.

  2. Ad Hoc Committees

    Purpose:      In order to promote understanding and learning among the faculty, the Professional Development Center will establish ad hoc committees that will assist and give input into activities such as the Faculty Forum, orientation and other professional development activities including social events etc.
    Scheduled Meetings  The committees will meet as needed and will be disbanded at the end of their intended use.
    Composition  Members will be selected based on representation from those areas where the focus is limited to specific purposes