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External Funding Policy
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External Funding Policy
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V. 6
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The purpose of the External Funding Policy Pertaining to Sponsored Project Proposals and its procedures is to ensure that faculty, students and visiting scholars and researchers know their rights and duties with regard to research projects and proposals that require external funding.


PMU will increasingly seek and depend on external funding sources to support research programs, scholarship, and instruction. Due to the growing complexity of conditions attached to sponsored projects, as well as a trend toward greater diversity in sources of funding, this policy applies to the preparation, review, and submission of proposals for external sponsorship.

The Sponsored Project Office of PMU (under development), a unit of the Deanship of Research Development, assists the research community in its efforts to secure external funding by providing high quality administrative and financial services to ensure proper stewardship of those funds.

The Office of Sponsored Projects of PMU supports and enhances PMU’s reputation while working to achieve university strategic goals with broad services in the following areas: preparation, review, and submission of proposals.

The Office of Sponsored Projects is responsible for assisting faculty and staff with the development of their research proposals, guidance in the management of grants and contracts, and providing training on research administration topics. The Office will achieve this aim by providing the research community with experienced faculty and resourceful staff to assist them in securing externally funded projects and programs.

Responsibilities of the Office of Sponsored Projects

  1. Provide assistance in interpreting application guidelines and sponsor requirements
  2. Offer consultations with faculty/staff seeking external funding
  3. Assist faculty with proposal development, including ensuring budgets are appropriate, and application forms are completed correctly
  4. Manage electronic application submission processes
  5. Ensure proposals meet PMU approval requirements
  6. Provide institutional approval for all proposal submissions
  7. Track proposal submissions, awards, rejections and resubmissions

Academic Policy for Sponsored Projects

Only PMU academic members, faculty and staff, are eligible to submit proposals to outside agencies. Academic members include the ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. Other staff members include assistant researchers and senior administrators.

The policy regulates the academic and administrative responsibilities of faculty members, staff and senior administrators to whom the policy is addressed. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the appropriate College Dean, the Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Research Development.

Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University requires all Principal Investigators to review their obligations for stewardship of sponsor funds and compliance with applicable regulations. For that purpose, specialized briefings will be conducted. Those ineligible for Principal Investigator status may be identified as Associate Investigators, but not as Co-Principal Investigator.

The faculty member seeking approval for an external grant proposal must submit his/her request to the Office of Sponsored Projects under his/her name as the responsible individual for the scientific, technical, and fiscal direction of the project. Submission of the proposal in the name of a "nominal" Principal Investigator who then delegates primary responsibility to an ineligible Principal Investigator is inconsistent with the responsibility of academic faculty for the intellectual direction of the University and is not permitted.

Any faculty member, staff and senior administrator involved in the seeking of external funds must be aware that the sponsored projects should have an educational component, typically evidenced by student involvement (either with or without charge to the project). In case of master thesis or doctoral dissertation, the faculty member will determine the degree of involvement of the students in the sponsored project and what sections of the project may apply for the student’s master thesis or doctoral dissertation.

A faculty member, staff and or senior administrator who is the Principal Investigator may be absent from campus yet remain engaged in a project. In cases where the Principal Investigator of an on-going sponsored project is disengaged from the project for a period of three months or more, another academic member must be named as acting Principal Investigator to assume the direction of the sponsored project, subject to approval of the sponsoring agency.

Any academic faculty, staff and or senior administrator must know the rights and safeguards of a sponsored project. The Principal Investigator must follow all PMU policies related to the use of human subject, laboratory animals, or hazardous radiological and bio hazardous substance including DNA.

A faculty member, staff or senior administrator, based on the Office of Sponsored Projects requirements, must be aware of the construction of a final protocol that must be approved by the University Research Council, Institutional Human Subject Review Board, and finally the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Compliance of all government rules and regulations for securing external funding are also applicable.