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Graduate and Undergraduate Student Research Policy
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Graduate and Undergraduate Student Research Policy
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V. 9
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The purpose of the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Research policy is to identify process, procedures, and responsibilities related to undergraduate and graduate Research Assistants (RAs) hiring and management.


Graduate and undergraduate research assistants are university students, who are employed in part-time for research activities happening in Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University. Assistantships provide students relevant academic training. They may also help students to fulfill their degree requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All students applying (or holding) for research assistants must be currently enrolled as a student in the University
  2. Students must have good academic standing
  3. Graduate RAs must have a degree from an accredited university
  4. Research activity performed must be relevant to student’s academic major. Candidates applying for assistantship in other departments should provide relevant proof of proficiency in the relevant subject areas.

Selection Process

  1. Available RA positions are announced through appropriate channels to all student community at PMU.
  2. All received applications are reviewed by the relevant departments and final offer letters are issued from PMU Deanship of Research Development.

Terms of Appointment

  1. RAs are paid according to pay rates set under PMU HR policies. The rate of pay is different for graduate and undergraduate assistants.
  2. Appointment for undergraduate RAs may not exceed 10 hours per week.
  3. Appointment for graduate RAs may not exceed 20 hours per week
  4. A Research Assistant may terminate his/her appointment at any time giving at least two weeks’ notice.
  5. Any employment disputes by RAs are handled by the relevant college according to standard HR policy for disputes and grievances.


  1. The main responsibility of a RA is to support departmental research activities.
  2. Duties assigned to RAs are such that they contribute to the student’s professional training.
  3. Undergraduate RA contributions may be used as part of their senior project report.
  4. Graduate RA contributions may be used as part of their project thesis.
  5. RAs are expected to spend up to 25 to 50% of their time supporting research activities of PMU depending on terms of appointment.
  6. Departments may assign RAs to specific faculty member to support his/her research activities.


Appointments are continued until the end of semester or until a specific date mentioned in the appointment letter. Nevertheless, the appointment may be terminated in the event of:

  1. Failure to perform assigned activities in a satisfactory manner.
  2. Failure to maintain required number credit hours.
  3. Failure to maintain requirements of continued enrollment.