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PMU Research Award Criteria Policy
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PMU Research Award Criteria Policy
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V. 17
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Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University is proud to take concrete actions to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of its researchers in applied strategic research with impact on the Saudi business/Industry society. As part of the strategy, the University will give Research Award each academic year for the best researcher.


This award honors annually a distinguished faculty member of PMU in his field of specialization. At the time of the award, the eligible faculty should have a minimum of two years at PMU and has obtained at least one renewal of contract. Self or peer nominations are accepted. The Award Committee will make a quantitative judgment based on the attached factors where “applicable” in order to make a ranking and a recommendation to the President for his final decision.

The candidate should send updated CV, a short autobiography, a photo, and fill in the below Nomination Form, highlighting his major achievements during the last two years such as:

  1. Originality and significance of your research (demonstrate how your research has contributed to advancing the boundaries of your discipline).
  2. Research impacts (describe the impact and benefits of your research on the industry, society, or the culture and show evidence of the impacts on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
  3. Research rigor and quality (provide evidence of the sustained quality of your research and academic performance during your academic career; provide evidence that you are still an active researcher with sustainable productivity during the last two years).

Nominations should be submitted to the Dean of Research Development who will forward them to the Researcher Award Panel of Judges who will make recommendations to the President.

This is a highly selective award to recognize the successes of the PMU faculty in research. It will only be awarded when there is a viable candidate. Nominees not selected may be considered for future awards.

To be completed by the candidate
Name of candidate Department
Item No. Category Reference to Resume Score Total Score
1 Number and quality of full papers of refereed articles published or accepted(ISI) Single Author   3  
2 Number and quality of full papers of refereed articles published or accepted(Lead Author)   2  
3 Number and quality of full papers of refereed articles published or accepted(Non-ISI) Single Author   1  
4 Number and quality of full papers of refereed articles published or accepted(Non-ISI) Multiple Authors   0.5  
5 Number and quality of full papers of the conference proceedings( International ) Single   1.5  
6 Number and quality of full papers of the conference proceedings( National/Regional )   1  
7 Number and quality of Books or chapters in books (Single Author)   2  
8 Number and quality of Books or chapters in books (Lead Author)   1  
9 Number and quality of Case Studies Written if applicable   0.5  
10 Number and quality of Working Papers published on an online site or submitted for publication   0.25  
11 Number and quality of Conference presentations   0.5  
12 Number and quality of Non-refereed publications   0.2  
13 Total Citations [0- 500]   1  
  Total Citations 500 and above   2  
14 Number and quality of Data collection for future empirical research where applicable   1.5  
15 Number and quality of Workshops-webinars-seminars-conferences attended or organized individually or in group   0.5  
16 Number and quality of Track Chairing in reputable conferences   0.25  
17 Number of times you have been Discussant at national and international conferences   0.25  
18 Number and quality of unpaid consulting reports   0.10  
19 Number of times involved with International Organizations (United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, UNESCO, World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Agency for Conservation of Nature, International Energy Agency, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, International Energy Agency, International Renewable Energy Agency, Arab League, World Organization for Animal Health, Commonwealth of Learning, International Bureau of Education, Organization for Islamic Cooperation, World Environment Organization, etc.)   0.75  
20 Innovation and technology introduction in written teaching materials   0.5  
21 Research networking with external scholars for start-up research projects   0.5  
22 Number and quality of Master or Ph.D. thesis supervision. Number and quality of Post-doctoral supervision   1  
23 Number of time of being Master or Ph.D. member in Examining Committees   0.25  
24 Number and quality of publications with supervised students   0.3  
25 Number and quality of academic papers reviewed  for reputable journals   0.25  
26 Member of editorial boards including major journals in the field   1  
27 Identifying and involving external researchers in PMU activities   0.25  
28 Coaching/training/co-authoring with  junior faculty at PMU   0.5  
29 Number and quality of contribution to capacity building through coaching or training HQP: (Highly Qualified Personnel)   0.3  
30 Number of times being Guest Editor of a scientific journal   0.75  
31 Number of times being Keynote Speaker in conferences and mainly in plenary sessions in national or international conferences   0.5  
32 Number and quality of the media you were invited to present the findings of your research   0.3  
33 Brief description of impact of your research on the Saudi Society and the neighboring community of PMU (Eastern Region)   5