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Payment Authorization for Internally Funded Research Project Policy
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Payment Authorization for Internally Funded Research Project Policy
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V. 19
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The Principal Investigator incurs various types of expenses as he performs his research activities. The purpose of this policy is to detail the steps to pay the Principal Investigator for the expenses related to his participation in a research program in full compliance with the approved internal grant budget. This policy is to ensure that any valid expense is paid in a fair and equitable manner, in a timely manner, and that they are reported and recorded as per the PMU Policies.


PMU supports the direct purchase by the University of all approved research equipment and PMU prefers that research expenses are paid directly by the University through the appropriate University buying and paying methods after the Principal Investigator fills in the appropriate forms as mentioned below.

  1. Only, under specific circumstances and with prior approval, travel reimbursement of expenses or travel advances might be considered appropriate from petty cash (maximum SAR 5,000) if a pre-approval is obtained. Flight Booking should be made through the travel agent of the University.
  2. Money transfer or checks will be the regular use of payment for most of the expenses as well as the as the salary payments for research assistants or technicians. Same should apply for honorarium of consultants if the expense is approved in the final approved budget. Money transfers substantially reduce the potential for loss or misappropriation of funds. Receipts must be itemized and show method of payment. The receipt of the registration in a conference must show the conference name, date, and the method of payment. Detailed hours sheet used by the research assistants, technicians or consultant should be submitted to obtain the authorization of payment.
  3. Payment of expenses or payment of purchases through check or money transfer should be done within 30 days of the submission of the Research Payment Authorization Form is submitted by the Principal Investigator or from a return from a research trip.
  4. The academic staff must submit the Research Payment Authorization Form along with the approved budget and all the required receipts/quotations (if any) to the Dean of Research Development for signature. The signature of the Vice Rector is required. Then the RPAF will be transferred to the Finance Office.
  5. After submission of all the required invoices as per the PMU policies, the finance department will arrange for the money transfer if pre-approval is obtained.
  6. This policy is applied to all research units and activities such as: individual research projects, research groups, research centers, and endowed chairs.
  7. The Finance Department should keep the Dean of Research Development and the Vice-Rector informed about the payment done or rejected and explains eventually the rejection cause.
  8. If the research involves human subject or animals, please follow the policy at this regard to get the approval of the IRB Committee. Submit your documents to the Dean of Research Development who will contact the VR at this regard.
  9. If the expenditure indicated in this Research Payment Authorization Form is not aligned with the approved budget for the internal grant proposal, please complete the Internal Research Transfer Budget Form (IRTBF) and submit it to the Dean of Research Development. The signature of the Vice Rector is required.
  10. The Finance Director will advise on purchasing equipment. Finance Department will make sure that the equipment bought is included in the assets of the University. All the equipment remains the property of PMU. The equipment should be housed in an existing laboratory.
  11. Concise semiannually progress reports are required to be submitted to the Deanship of Research Development. Upon completion of the research project on or before the deadline, a detailed Final Report about the research activities undertaken is required for the final payment. It is also required for future submission to internal grants.
  12. The Final Report should also include the Final Report Template filled and one-page executive summary where the PI should indicate if the deliverables mentioned in the proposal are achieved such as the following executive summary information:
    • Preliminary dissemination of results expected: Paper(s) submitted to conferences and/or paper(s) presented in conferences.
    • Outcomes should be obvious and convincing: Paper(s) submitted to peer-reviewed journals and/or paper(s) accepted for publication (please attach the acceptance letter or a copy of the reprint).
    • Grant Proposal(s) submitted for external grants.
    • External formalized collaboration with the industry, if relevant.
    • PMU affiliation should be used and shown in conferences and publication papers.
    • A footnote in the conferences and publication papers should thank PMU for funding the research.
    • Final Report on the budget execution and potential avenues of potential research.
    • Relevancy of the study to KSA.