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Position Classification System Policy
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Position Classification System Policy
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I. B-2
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to position Classification and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Each Employee appointed to a position at PMU will be classified into a position classification which will be specified in the Employee’s Employment Contract.  For example, for faculty appointments, each faculty member will be appointed as:  Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor.  These position classifications will be known as academic ranks.  For support staff positions, the position classification will vary based on the nature of the work.  For example, there will be:  administrative positions, technical positions and professional positions.


Position Titles

Descriptive position titles will be used for support staff positions that are similar in scope and function.  Position titles for support staff positions are administered by the Human Resources Department and any changes in titles must be approved by the Director, Human Resources.  Academic ranks serve as position titles for faculty appointments.  Changes in academic rank must be in accordance with the academic policy on promotion. 


Faculty and Staff Position Descriptions

All positions must have an approved position description.  The appropriate Dean or Director will be responsible for ensuring that each Employee has a current and approved position description for each position in their department on the form provided by the Human Resources Department. A copy of each position description is to be sent to the Human Resources Department