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Information Technology
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The purpose of the policy is to provide guidelines on getting support for IT resources and IT services at PMU.

The Information Technology resources and services of Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University are provided for the advancement of the University's educational, research, and service objectives. They are offered primarily to facilitate the University's academic and business purposes.

Procedure :

University Service Desk

To ensure support for all students, faculty and staff members, ITD has established a customer service desk commonly known as helpdesk. In order to help our customers, ITD provides a service desk (Helpdesk) software package to track and trace all IT and facilities issues to successful resolution and ensure customer satisfaction. Requests for the provisioning of new services are also handled by service desk.

IT Equipment Refresh

Personal computers in labs and classrooms, as well as faculty computers, are on a 3-5 year replacement cycle.


IT Policies are applicable to all students and employees (faculty, administrators, and staff) and any others who are extended the privilege of using IT resources and services for the purpose of achieving the educational objectives of PMU and its students. All such persons accessing and using IT resources and services are subject to the applicable provisions of the University Statutes, University Code of Conduct, and Handbook for Administrators, Student Handbooks, and all other policies and procedures established by administrative offices of PMU.