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Student Conference Attendance Policy
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Student Conference Attendance Policy
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II – C. 16
Academic Affairs
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As per PMU policies and procedures, graduate and undergraduate students can attend conferences based on the approval of their Colleges’ Deans and PMU Management. The student can attend a conference only once during his period of study. Hence, the following is the policy describing the criteria, procedures and entitlements.



1.    Students are eligible to apply for conference attendance after spending one academic year as a graduate student, or is a senior standing           undergraduate student.

2.    The paper to be presented must be related to the field of Study of the student.

3.    The conference must be indexed by SCOPAS or Web of Science.

4.    The paper to be presented must be reviewed and approved by course instructor or Thesis Advisor.

5.    The Student’s affiliation to PMU must be clearly stated on the paper

Procedure :

After the paper is accepted for presentation in the conference, the student must follow the following procedure:

1.    Submit the accepted paper (in PDF format) to be uploaded on the PMU website.

2.    Submit the form and the signed Note of Commitment to the Department Chair for recommendation and forward it to the Dean for approval.

3.    The Dean will review the Conference Attendance Request and forward the request he approves to the concerned Departments for action at least one month prior to the first day of the conference.

4.    All College Deans are required to keep all Conference Attendance Request, approved and disapproved, with justifications to be submitted to PMU audit and Compliance Committee.

Entitlements    :

1.  Conference Registration Fees

2.  Two-way economy class tickets to and from the conference location.