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Student Research Policy
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Student Research Policy
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II – C.17
Academic Affairs
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The purpose of this policy is to define the parameters by which students at the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) conduct research as a classroom activity and for an independent research project.


1.    In all cases of student research projects, students must follow the PMU regulations about research involving human subjects.

2.    Classroom Assignments:

2.1 Definitions:

· The research activity is a class assignment designed for learning purposes only.

·  Results of the research are viewed only by the course instructor for teaching purposes and discussed within the classroom for teaching and learning                      purposes.

·  Results of the research are not to be made public by presentation through any media channel.

2.2 Responsibility of the Course Instructor:

When students conduct research as a part of a course of study, the course instructor is responsible for communicating to the students the PMU regulations about research involving human subjects, the course instructor is responsible for the protection of the subjects, even if the student is the primary investigator and actually directs the project.

3.    Individual Research Projects Conducted by Students:

3.1 These are research projects such as independent study projects and advanced degree research projects.

3.2 Students must have a faculty sponsor who is qualified to serve as Principal Investigator and Faculty Advisor on the study.

3.3 Students must complete a research proposal which must include:

- Title Page

- An introduction describing the proposed project and rationale.

- Project timeline

- Budget

-Funding requests

- References.

3.4 The Complete student research proposal approved by the Faculty advisor and Department Chair is to be submitted to the Dean of the College.

3.5 The College Dean reviews the proposal and issue his decision regarding approval or disapproval of the research proposal.