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Budget Administration Regulations
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Budget Administration Regulations
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IV. A-19
Financial Affairs
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The purpose of this policy is to state the regulations that must be followed by College Deans/Director of Prep. Program in managing the Colleges/Prep. Program Budgets.



1.    College Deans/Director of Prep. Program are authorized to take decisions for payment related to any item of the budget.

2.    No awards or financial incentives are allowed.

3.    College Deans have the full authority to take final decisions regarding the approval/disapproval of Faculty Conference Attendance requests and Student Conference Attendance requests.

4.    College Deans are to comply with the attached Faculty Conference Attendance Policy and Student Conference Attendance Policy in approving/disapproving conference attendance requests by faculty and students.

5.    College Deans have full authority to take final decisions for approving or disapproving funds for Student Research Project and as per the attached Student Research Policy and in coordination with the Deanship of Research.

6.    No transfer of funds from one item of the budget to another item.

7.    No over expenditure within a certain item of the budget. The expenditure for an item should be within the amount of money approved.

8.    All communications related to the budget with the Concerned Departments is to be done through Oracle.

9.    There will be regular meetings between the University Budget Governance Committee chaired by the Rector and Deans/Director of the Prep. Program to discuss the Budget Management by Deans/Director of the Prep. Program.