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Annual Vacation Faculty Bookings & Travel Tickets
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Annual Vacation Faculty Bookings & Travel Tickets
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I. D-10
Human Resources
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To declare procedures and regulations with regard  to Faculty annual vacation travel bookings and issuance of air tickets.


The faculty annual vacation travel bookings and issuance of air tickets will follow the following procedures and regulations:

Procedure :

Step 1. 

An email is to be sent to All Faculty asking them to submit their annual vacation travel schedule including that of their dependents. The travel schedule is to be within the period of faculty annual leave as per the academic calendar. Faculty must respond within one week. If a faculty does not respond then his travel schedule will be considered as per the annual vacation dates stated   in the Academic Calendar.

Date: First October

Step 2. 

Travel schedules of faculty to be sent to the Travel Agency to make bookings and determine the ticket’s prices.

Date: 15th October

Step 3. 

The Travel Agency finalize the bookings and send all the information regarding the bookings and the prices to PMU.

Date: 15th November

Step 4. 

Send the bookings to Faculty and ask them to submit their confirmation within one week.

Step 5. 

After receiving the confirmation from Faculty send to the Travel Agency to issue the tickets.

Date: First December

I.                  Regulations


1.      After announcing to Faculty their bookings and obtaining their confirmation, then any changes will be considered only if the changes are requested on a special form submitted to the Dean of Faculty Affairs (the form is attached).

2.      The Dean of Faculty Affairs will consider the reasons for the requested changes.

a.      If the reasons for the changes are due to special conditions related to the faculty, then the faculty will bear the costs due to the changes of the booking.

b.      If the reasons are related to conditions imposed by PMU, so that PMU should bear the cost, then the Dean of Faculty Affairs will submit the form to the President for his approval.

c.       After the form is finalized then a copy of it is to be send to the Travel Agency for their information.

3.      PMU will pay the cost of tickets for roundtrip economy class airfare from Dammam to the nearest airport to the place of residence of the faculty in his country as per information in his passport. The flight is to be direct or with minimal stop overs dictated by the available route as determined by the Travel Agency. Any changes in the travel route or stop overs requested by the faculty that result in extra charges, then the faculty will pay for the extra cost. If for any reason the faculties request a travel route that results in a cost less than the cost requested then PMU will not pay to the faculty the difference in the cost of the booking. 

4.      The Faculty will pay directly to the Travel Agency any costs related to the changes he requested that are due to special conditions related to personal circumstances. The Finance Department at PMU will not pay for the faculty or deduct from his salary to pay the cost due to changes in the booking.

5.      Faculty are not allowed to contact the Travel Agency about bookings that PMU bear its cost as per the employment contract. However, the faculty can contact the Travel Agency for any other personal bookings that PMU does not pay for it.

6.      Travel tickets issued to Faculty as per the employment contract are owned by PMU. Therefore, tickets are to be used only for the purpose they are issued for. It is not allowed to issue the tickets by the name of another person or exchanging it or take its value in cash.

7.      Tickets are to be used annually. No carry over is allowed.

8.      If a Faculty requests 50% of the value of the ticket, then the value will be according to the price of the ticket as determined by the Travel Agency and submitted to PMU by 15 November. Last day for submitting the 50% ticket value request is 1st December.

9.     Faculty teaching in Summer Semester:

If a faculty decides to stay and teach during summer, and as a result he has to change his travel schedule then PMU will pay for the extra cost due to the change of the travel schedule as follows:

a.      Faculty will request changes in his travel schedule so as to travel during the summer faculty break as shown in the academic calendar. Any other dates of changes will not be accepted.

b.      PMU will pay the extra cost for the faculty only and this will not include extra cost for change of travel schedule of his family members (spouse, dependents)

c.      If a summer faculty request 50% compensation then the value of the compensation will be based on the price of tickets submitted by the Travel Agency on 15 November.




Request Form for Changes in Travel Schedules















Justification for requested changes in Travel schedule


Payment of extra cost


PMU will pay the extra cost: _____________________________________


Faculty will pay the extra cost : _________________________________

Comments by Dean of Faculty Affairs




Signature: ____________________                                                Date:______________________


Presidents approval if PMU will pay the extra cost

                                                   Approved                                                   not Approved

                                                Signature: ____________________                                                Date:______________________