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To describe the process and procedures for undergraduate double major.

  1. The student currently enrolled at PMU can apply for a double major if they meet the following criteria.
    1. Minimum of Sophomore standing (50 C.H. & above)
    2. Minimum GPA of 3.00
    3. Has completed all PREP courses including PREP Math
    4. Student must meet the admission requirement for both majors.
  2. If a student meets the above, he/she can apply to be enrolled in double major. Student request to add a second major must be approved by the department chair & respective dean of the existing & second major. A student must receive a written plan (customized for each student) of all required courses to complete the majors which will indicate that it can be accomplished within the 8 year limit.
  3. Both majors should be in the same College with the same degree title.
  4. The student must then complete all degree requirements for both majors with the exception of the internship/practical training course which the student completes for the original major the student was admitted to. In all cases, a student must complete both majors within 8 years. When student completes two majors, both majors will be recorded on the certificate. Courses completed that satisfy the requirements for one major may be double counted if they satisfy requirements in the second major.
  5. The minimum credit hours beyond first major should be at least 27 credit hours.
  6. Changing majors will not be allowed as this will result in exceeding the 8 year limit.
  7. If after 8 years, a student successfully completes the requirements of only one major, he/she will be awarded only one degree and courses taken in second major will count in the GPA. For students who drop/withdraw from second major, all courses in second major will be excluded from GPA.
  8. Once student completes the requirements for both majors, he/she will receive one official academic transcript and one certificate indicating both majors.

Procedure :
  1. Students are assigned a single major upon admissions to PMU.
  2. Students may apply for double major once the admission requirements of the second major are met by completing and securing the necessary signatures in the Double Major Application Form.
  3. Students should generally apply for the double major during the second term for the sophomore year to allow time to finish course for both majors and degrees.
  4. During studies, all student requests & forms should be approved by the Dean of the original major.