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Faculty Family Visit Ticket Policy
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Faculty Family Visit Ticket Policy
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I. C-13
Human Resources
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To declare rules for issuing visit tickets for a faculty family.


Any faculty with a family status contract, and his wife and dependents are residing outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is entitled for the following:

1. A two way ticket for his wife from his home residence as stated in his passport to Dammam.

2. Two way tickets for two (2) of his dependents from his home residence stated in his passport to Dammam.

Procedure :

1. Faculty are to submit the requests to issue the tickets for their families and dependents to the Concerned Department at PMU.

2. The Concerned Department at PMU will make the booking with the Travel Agency.

3. If a faculty selects a certain booking that costs more than the booking made by the PMU Concerned Department, then the faculty will pay the extra cost.

4. Dependents must be unmarried and under the age of 19 years