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Summer Research Contract
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Summer Research Contract
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V. 23
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The purpose of this policy is to enhance research productivity at PMU through the implementation of a summer research contract aiming at encouraging existing PMU researchers or those who are initiating research activities.


Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University encourages its faculty members and researchers to continue their research activities or initiate new research during the summer semester.  PMU active researchers or those who have not been so active and are initiating research activities can apply for a summer research contract. The summer research contract applies only to those faculty members and researchers whose contracts continue after the summer semester. It allows individuals to dedicate themselves fully to research during the summer semester without any teaching assignment. However, they will be accountable for submitting two ISI or Scopus journal papers by the end of the two month summer period. It is well understood that the research project could be initiated well before the summer in order to meet the obligation of submitting two journal papers. In return, PMU will compensate the full-time, PhD-holder faculty member/researcher the following for the summer research contract:

  • Two month basic salary paid in full at end of the summer semester but will be financially recorded as a loan in the faculty member’s/researcher’s account. The loan status will be dropped only upon the formal acceptance of the two required journal papers in ISI or Scopus journals.

Procedure :

Once a PMU active researcher or those who have the ambition to become active researchers have written a well-documented proposal indicating the area of research, research methodology, and proposed titles of two journal papers that will be submitted, they will need to go through the following process:

1.    Write a formal request to the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research attaching all related documents including a proposal for research, collaborators with CV (if any), proposed titles for the two papers to be submitted, and initial work or results (if any), etc.

2.    Submit a proof of fulfillment of their research publication requirement as per their contract.

3.    Last day to submit a formal request letter will be last working day before finals of the spring semester.

4.    The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research will compile all requests and inform all approved applicants prior to the end of the spring semester and no later than two weeks after the end of the spring semester.

5.    A special contract prepared by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research will be signed between the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research and the PMU researcher to ensure accountability.

6.    In special cases, the PMU President reserves the right to approve the execution of the summer research contract abroad.