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Employment, training, responsibilities and evaluation of University Bus Drivers
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Employment, training, responsibilities and evaluation of University Bus Drivers
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I. A - 13
Human Resources
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To declare the criteria for selection and appointment of Bus Drivers at the University and their training, responsibilities and performance evaluation.


The employment of Bus Drivers at the University is subject to certain criteria and once employed the Bus Driver must be trained to undertake his responsibilities satisfactorily, and his performance is to be evaluated at the end of each Academic Semester. This is follows:

1-    Selection criteria for appointment:

Bus Drivers are selected for appointment according to the following criteria:

·        His civil and criminal record is free of precedents and claims.

·        Passing the medical exam.

·        A valid public driving license.

·        Have previous experience in driving buses.

·        Not less than 30 years of age and not more than 50 years old.

2-    Training:

The Bus driver is to attend a training course in which he acquires the following knowledge and skills

·        Recognize his responsibility for the security and safety of passengers.

·        Understands the technical aspects of buses.

·        Ability to use fire extinguishers on buses.

·        Provide first aid when necessary.

3-    Responsibilities:

The Bus Drivers' responsibilities include:

·        Compliance with the requirements of the Government Traffic Department that are listed in the Saudi Traffic Management System.

·        Check bus readiness before moving.

·        Ensure that all passengers board up and down before closing the bus doors.

·        Reports any misbehavior or misuse of the bus by any of the passengers.

·        Delivering the missing items on the bus to the concerned Department at the University.

·        Ensure that the bus is clean inside and outside.

·        Report any technical problems that may occur to the bus while driving.

·        Adherence to the scheduled times for bus trips as determined by the Transportation Department at the University.

4-    Performance evaluation:

Bus Drivers are subject to a performance appraisal at the end of each Academic Semester. The results of the assessment are to be taken into consideration for renewing or not renewing the contract of the Bus driver.