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Faculty-Initiated Projects for Global Engagement and International Collaboration Policy
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Faculty-Initiated Projects for Global Engagement and International Collaboration Policy
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XI - 1
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The policy defines the process by which faculty accrue benefits for their strategic global engagement efforts on behalf of PMU.


Such projects shall involve global engagement linking PMU to renowned institutions of learning from across the globe, and those selected by PMU   will dovetail in explicit theoretical and/or practical terms with the PMU mission and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Procedure :

A.     Selection Criteria:

1.      Partner selection should answer to criteria serving the institutional strategy

2.      Projects must serve the PMU mission and/or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

3.      Projects must culminate in predetermined deliverables, which advance scholarship and increase the international visibility of PMU.

4.      Project selection will be made subject to available funding by PMU.

B.     Types of Projects:

1.         Initial Connection resulting in successful global collaboration projects as per the defined project criteria.

2.         Faculty Oversight of global collaboration projects.

C.     Process:

Faculty initiating institutional global engagement projects shall follow the below steps:

1.      Discuss the proposed opportunity with the Global Engagement Office;

2.      Develop project concept note and proposed partnership framework;

3.      Fill and submit the required project ownership forms copying the dean of the College;

4.      Participate in project/partnership development meetings internally and with the potential partner;

5.      Participate in internal partnership assessment meetings;

6.      Receive the management decision regarding the final agreement and budget, roles and implementation timelines.

D.      Faculty Benefits:

Faculty benefits from global collaboration projects shall depend on the level, nature, size, deliverables and duration of the project.

1.      For Initial Connection Role:

Faculty facilitating a successful initial connection between PMU and a potential partner institution, and where this initial connection results in successful projects between the two institutions will earn a 1-time bonus of 2 basic salaries upon signing the collaboration agreement.

2.      For Faculty Oversight Role:

Faculty who go on to play an active role in the successfully initiated global engagement projects will earn all or a combination of the below benefits:

a.       Teaching Load: A reduced teaching load of 3 credit hours a semester for every 7 hours per week on-site project oversight, supervision, office hours, research activities, etc. Specific deliverables will be predetermined and assessed by PMU management every semester (office, or on/off-site). Load reduction may be higher depending on the level and project requirements, at the discretion of PMU management.

b.      Monthly Stipend: Depending on the position held, deliverables expected, and project level, a variable stipend (dependent on funding/budget allocations). This stipend will be determined in the project budget and will become an integral part of the project oversight and expenses.

c.       Extended Appointment: Depending on nature and length of term, faculty may receive an extended contract renewal coinciding with the duration of the project. Extended appointments are subject to PMU policy, and are based on mutual agreement.

d.      Faculty Evaluation: Faculty evaluation, for renewal purposes, will allocate an additional 5% for service for faculty project involvement, in addition to the regular 10% rate as per PMU policy.

e.       Support for Academic Promotion: In certain cases, and where the project involves high scientific productivity and global visibility, the faculty may receive strong recommendation for promotion to higher rank upon successful implementation of the project for a period of no less than 3 years. Promotion remains subject to the decision of the Scientific Council as per PMU policy and MOE in Saudi Arabia.

f.        Additional Benefits:

1.      PMU Car: where project oversight requires frequent commuting;

2.      Campus Parking: Assigned PMU parking spot;

3.      Committee Membership: Membership in the Academic Collaboration Standing Committee, at the discretion of PMU                                  management (on a rotational basis).