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Lab & Studio Instructor & Lab Technician Professional Development Policy
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Lab & Studio Instructor & Lab Technician Professional Development Policy
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To institute and formalize a PMU Professional Development Program for academic Laboratory/Studio Instructors and Technicians through training workshops and certifications.


Laboratory/Studio Instructors and Technicians should be kept current with the latest technical skills and certifications on the use of instructional and research laboratory hardware equipment and software in their respective fields. This is mandated by Saudi national and international academic accreditation standards. Therefore, PMU will ensure that its Laboratory and Studio Instructors and Technicians receive technical training and obtain and/or maintain proper certifications from national and international organizations by attending and participating in local, regional and international workshops and conferences. Participation is inclusive of taking part in face-to-face, in-house and online events. PMU faculty who teach laboratory and studio courses may also be considered for this professional development program. Legible PMU academic personnel will be identified and recommended by their chairs/associate chairs and deans on an annual basis. Qualifying personnel may be recommended for no more than two certification exams in an academic year. Upon completion of the training and certification, PMU students should benefit through inclusion of acquired knowledge and skills in relevant labs, presentation and training offered to students.

Procedure :

Technical Training:

A recommended candidate will apply for technical training workshop and/or certification and obtain the required signatures from his/her Chair/Associate Chair and Dean. If the Dean approves the request, then the request will be sent to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for his approval and then to the PMU President for final approval. This policy applies during summer as well as long as the individual recommended is not involved in any summer teaching obligations.

Entitlement for Local or Regional Technical Training

1.      Training registration Fees

2.      Two-way economy class ticket to and from the event location.

3.      A maximum of 5-days per-diem as per PMU policy. (PMU will not be involved or responsible for accommodations)

4.      For training events held in Khobar and/or Dammam, number 2 and 3 will not apply.

5.      Online training covers registration applicable fees

6.      Applicable certification exam fees are eligible for funding.