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Summer Compensation Policy for Deans & Other Academic Administrators
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Summer Compensation Policy for Deans & Other Academic Administrators
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I. E - 11
Human Resources
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To regulate the optional teaching and admin duties for Deans, Acting Deans, Director of PREP, Chairs, and Associate Chairs during Summer Semester.


Deans and other Academic Administrators are entitled for teaching and administrative duties assignment during summer.

  1. Teaching assignment should be a minimum of 6 credit hours and a maximum of 9 credit hours. He/she will be compensated for their entitled vacation days per contract or per credit hours (Table A) whichever is higher and not to exceed SAR 40,000 (the limit is due to the fact that administrators received a reduced load and monthly allowances during the year or have been recruited on Administrator packages).
  1. For those teaching less than 6 credit hours, they will receive the higher pay of the per credit hour compensation or a prorated value of their basic salary i.e. if 6 credit hours is equivalent to 100% of the basic salary, then 3 credit hours is 50% of the basic salary.
  1. The duties and responsibilities of the administrators during summer is the same as regular semesters which includes but not limited to:
    1. Teaching, holding office hours, and participating in committees. The responsibilities will also include research and community services. They should adhere to PMU’s strict policy on quality teaching with all associated responsibilities.
    2. Responsible for the regular operation of their respective department, Colleges, Deanships, etc. However, summer courses and summer faculty will be administered by the Director of Summer Program. 
  1. Teaching faculty member in the department should receive first priority in summer assignment ( faculty should have a minimum of 6 credit hours each before assigning course to the administrators detailed in this policy).
  1. Evening Prorated hours do not apply in summer.
  1. The reporting date for Administrators who teach Summer Semester will be the next business day after Summer Semester (No Vacation after Summer Semester).
  1. This policy is effective starting May 2018 and valid until further notice.

Table A (Summer Compensation Policy).


Table A: Summer Compensation Policy



Preparatory Courses

Teaching PREP English

SR 30,000 for 8 weeks, 8 hours/day

Teaching (PRPL and PRPM courses)

SR 3,000/hour as per table B


College Courses


SR 3,500/credit hour

Assistant Professor

SR 4,500/credit hour

Associate Professor

SR 4,700/credit hour

Full Professor

SR 5,000/credit hour



Table B: Compensated Hours for Study Skills and PREP Math During Summer

PRPL 0011: Study Skills 1

2 hours

PRPL 0012: Study Skills 2

2 hours

PRPM 0011: Introductory Algebra

4 hours

PRPM 0012: Intermediate Algebra

4 hours

PRPM 0022: Pre-Calculus

5 hours