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Faculty Contracts Types Policy
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Faculty Contracts Types Policy
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I. A - 14
Human Resources
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To specify the PMU Faculty contract types.


There are two types of faculty contracts at PMU:

These are:

1.     Regular Faculty Contracts:

The duration of the contract is two years, or longer, depending on the faculty appointment and renewal terms.

2.     Short-Term Faculty Contracts:

The short term contracts include the following:

a.       Adjunct contracts which duration is typically one semester

b.      Consultancy agreements

c.       Any contract which duration is below two years.

Procedure :

1.     Regular Faculty Contracts:

Upon joining and completion of the onboarding process for faculty, faculty files are audited by the recruitment staff and handed over to Faculty Affairs for implementation, evaluations, renewals or non-renewals, benefits and terminations.

2.     Short-Term Faculty Contracts:

Short-Term faculty contracts are managed by the Recruitment Office from hiring till separation or transfer to regular appointment.

a.       The Recruitment Office will communicate with the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs about the contract renewals and suggested recommendations.

b.       The Recruitment Office will submit the recommendations for the Contract Renewal to the President’s Office for approval.