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Managing PMU Website Policy
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Managing PMU Website Policy
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IX. 2
Media and Communications
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To ensure the proper visibility of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University on the world wide web in accordance with national and international standards and guidelines.


The PMU Internet Center (PIC) is responsible for the design and maintenance of the PMU Website and all subdomain. The PIC will employ Web Designers, Web Developers, and other support staff to ensure that the PMU Website is continually maintained with minimal downtime (if any). The PIC team will ensure to design the subdomains related to each Academic and non-Academic entities at PMU.

The PMU Website houses content for every Academic and Non-Academic Unit at PMU. It is therefore the responsibility of each administrator to ensure that the content related to his/her department/division/deanship/directorate is up-to-date and current. It is also their responsibility to create new content that they would like to add to the portion of the website related to their domain. For example, Dean of Student Affairs will be responsible for all content related to the Deanship of Student Affairs on the PMU Website to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date, in addition, to providing new content to be uploaded for example student activity, calendar, exam dates, etc. The same would apply to all entities at PMU.

Procedure :

1.     At the end of every month, Directors, Deans, and Department Heads will review the content of the website relating to their domain and update content (if needed). Otherwise, they can send an email to the PIC indicating that no update is required.

2.     Deanships, Divisions, and Directorates that constantly have new content should send the content as it becomes available to the PIC in order to upload content. For Example, Deanship of Student Affairs and Public Relations would constantly have updates for students, News Articles, Announcements, Events, etc. that need to be posted on the PMU website immediately.

3.     Divisions that organize Webinars, Seminars, Workshops, events, etc. should send their content including write up and flier to PIC as it becomes available and during advertising period.

4.     Any PMU post on social media (twitter, Instagram, etc.) should be immediately sent to PIC to be posted on the PMU Website.

5.     Any PMU News posted in local and International News outlets should immediately be sent to PIC to be posted on the PMU Website.

6.     Any news or announcement to the PMU stakeholders (Students, Faculty, staff, etc.) should be sent immediately to PIC for posting.

7.     Annual random audits will be conducted on the PMU website to ensure that all entities are complying with the policy to make their content current and up-to-date.

8.     Portions of the Website that do not relate to a specific department but to PMU at large i.e. PMU Governance, policies, statistical reports, compliance etc. will be the responsibility of the communications department.