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50% Graduate Fellowship Policy
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50% Graduate Fellowship Policy
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PMU encourages High Achievers in pursuing Higher Education Degrees. To recruit top quality students to PMU’s Graduate Degree programs, Fellowships and scholarships will be awarded based on merit.


PMU encourages high achievers to pursue their graduate degrees. A 50% fellowship (Tuition Waiver) has been approved for eligible Graduate Degree students and applicants at PMU. The policy targets all students who have a proven track record of academic achievement in their undergraduate coursework. The rest of the policy details the eligibility requirements, process and procedures. Eligibility does not mean automatic approval for the Fellowship. Fellowships will be awarded based on Merit as only a limited number of fellowships are available annually.


The applicant process for PMU’s Graduate Fellowship is competitive. To be considered for the fellowship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1-      Applicant meets the graduate degree admission requirements at PMU.

2-      Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0

3-      Current PMU Graduate Students are also eligible to apply if GPA is 3 or above.

Procedure :

Student applying for PMU Graduate Degree admission or those already admitted to PMU Graduate Degree programs may apply for the 50% Fellowship:

1-      Send an application letter/email to the financial aid office before the deadline (deadline is announced annually).

2-      A committee consisting of Academic Affairs and Students Affairs will look into all applications and make recommendations.

3-      Based on the number of Fellowships approved annually, applicants will be awarded the fellowship based on GPA and Academic Achievement.