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PMU Employees Pursuing Studies at PMU
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PMU Employees Pursuing Studies at PMU
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I. C - 16
Human Resources
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This policy declares the terms and conditions for pursuing education at PMU by PMU Staff.


PMU Employees are entitled to pursue studies within the University provided that they meet certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are as follows:

1.     Approvals:

The employee must obtain the approval of the concerned Senior Management and also the University Rector. This is as follows:

a)     Staff employed in Colleges: Obtain the approval of the Chair/Associate Chair, Dean and the Rector.

b)     Staff employed in the departments obtain the approval of the Director of the Department and the Rector.

2.     Conditions:

a)     The employee should have served at PMU for a period of no less than Three years.

b)     The studies of the employee at PMU should carry no conflict with his/her duties and working schedules at any points in time.

c)      The employee remains on his/her job at PMU during the period of studies.

d)     The employee serves at PMU for a period equal to the duration of studies after receiving the degree.

e)     Study related leaves are not a directly granted right. Any such leaves will be deducted from the employee’s annual leave or will be a leave without pay and may be granted during exams period only and remains subject to approval by the College Dean/ Department Director approval.

3.     Tuition Fees:

a)     Employees who have served for a period less than Three Years are not entitled for a discount on tuition fees.

b)     Employees who have served for a minimum of Three Years are entitled for 15% discount on tuition fees.

c)      Employees who have served for a minimum of Five Years are entitled for 50% discount on tuition fees.

d)     Employees who served for a minimum of Ten Years or more are entitled for a discount of 75% on tuition fees.

4.     Non-Compliance

a)     Unsatisfactory Performance on the job entails official non-compliance warning to the employee. Upon the third warning the scholarship is nullified and the employee is charged with the regular tuition fees thereafter.

b)     In the event the employee resigns from PMU after graduation, before completing the duration required (equal to the duration of study), the employee is charged with the amount shouldered by the University, based on the discount fees schedule.