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Medical Insurance Policy
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To declare the rules of the medical insurance of PMU employees.



 The following are the rules related to the medical insurance of PMU employees:

1.    The HR Director will be responsible for the PMU Medical Insurance file in coordination with the Financial Department.

2.    Categorization of PMU Insurance is as follows:

         a.     VIP – for Rector

         b.    A+ – for Vice Rectors

         c.      A – for Deans, Directors and Faculty

         d.    B – for Managers and Supervisors

         e.     C – for all staffs and security staff.

         f.       D – for Admin. Assistants, Janitors and Workers

3.    Any change in the categories should be in writing from the Rector based on the recommendation of the HR.

4.    HR Director is responsible to regularly check the list every three months and submit a report to the Rector.

5.    The employee is responsible for informing HR about the status of the medical insurance of his family members. If the HR is not informed, the employee will be responsible for any financial consequences.

6.    As special file called “PMU Employees’ Relatives File” is to be prepared. The inclusion of a relative in this file will be approved only after approval of the Rector based on the recommendation of the HR Director.

7.    For any approved upgrade, the deduction of the cost of the upgrade should be undertaken immediately.

8.    At the end of the period of the contract with the insurance company, all upgrades will be cancelled. For upgrade to be continued, new requests are to be submitted for approval as per the stated procedures.