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Housekeeping Materials Policy
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Housekeeping Materials Policy
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XVI. 5
Procurement and Contract Administration
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  • To manage and control the housekeeping materials
  • To minimize the risks of delay which may cause the interruptions in operations
  • To minimize the risks of any wastage of the company’s resources
  • To keep the record updated & to make every item trackable
  • To organize the process for smooth flow & to transparent the process


  • Housekeeping items will be maintained as recurring items with the minimum and maximum quantity separately in central, mini and sub mini warehouses.
  • The minimum & maximum stock levels will be determined on the basis of its consumption history and the estimations by the concerns supervisor.
  • Central warehouse will keep the minimum stock for 1-month stock, mini-warehouse 2-weeks and sub mini-warehouse will keep 1-week stock as minimum.
  • The central warehouse only request for the purchases to the purchasing department through the EBS system.
  • Every item should have a systematic item code prior to proceed any purchase request, internal transfer, receipt & issue.
  • Cafeteria and Hosing will be considered as mini-warehouse will be in function and requirements.
  • Cafeteria, Housing and Mini-warehouses will request to the central warehouse through EBS system.
  • Sub Mini-Warehouses will request the items to maintain its stock level, by Transfer Form.
  • Each warehouse will be responsible for its stocks and to also to maintain its assigned stock level.
  • Central warehouse will perform the physical stock count on quarterly basis and fix the discrepancies if any, variation report will be submitted to the concern authorities and keep the count reports in quarterly counts file. The count report of the central warehouse will be signed by the ground staff, supervisor and the warehouse manager.
  • Mini warehouses require to do the physical count bimonthly basis and keep the count report in a separate file.
  • Sub-mini warehouses require to do the physical count weekly basis and keep the count report in a separate file.
  • Stock count reports of Mini & Sub-mini warehouses also be signed by the concern supervisors.
  • Each stock count report of each warehouse should be ready for the inspection.
  • Any shortages above the described limit will be charged to the responsible persons, and this also be used in the performance evaluation.
  • Any damaged materials will be kept separately and should be mentioned on the periodically physical count.
  • First in First out (FIFO) approach will be applied on each item to avoid any wastage & expiry.
  • Every receipt and issue will be done through proper receiving & issuing documentations, which must be acknowledged by the receiver.
  •  Each store will keep the record of each items with its complete descriptions and systematic assigned item code to track easily.

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