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Leave Carry Over Policy
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Leave Carry Over Policy
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I. D-11
Human Resources
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1.      To encourage all staff to take their full annual leave during the year they are earned.

2.      To clarify leave carry over approval procedure.

  1. No Leave Carry Over is to be approved for all staff. It can be approved only for exceptional case which require recommendation of the Dean/Department head in coordination with Human Resources Department and is subject for approval by the PMU President.
  2. Maximum leave balance that will be compensated for annual leave vacation and leave balance during resignation or non-renewal of contract is only 37 days in case the staff has no leave carry over approval.



Procedure :
  1. The employee will submit his/her intention to obtain leave carry over approval to his/her Dean/Department Head.
  2. The duration of validity of the leave carry over is to be stated on the request.
  3. The Dean/Department Head will recommend approval of the staff leave carry over request to Human Resources Department.
  4. The Human Resources Department will obtained the approval of the request from the PMU President.