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Exit Interview Policy
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Exit Interview Policy
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I. F-9
Human Resources
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The purpose of conducting exit interviews is to obtain feedback from exiting employees regarding their experiences while working at the University, and to make use of the gathered information in improving the recruitment and retention of high caliber employees.


All employees resigning and leaving the University voluntarily are to attend an exit interview.

Procedure :

The Exit Interview process is based on the following:

·        The exit interview process will apply to all employees leaving voluntarily once they have declared their intention to leave the University.

·        Faculty Exit Interviews will be conducted by the person in-charge of the Faculty Recruitment.

·        Staff Exit Interviews will be conducted by the person in-charge of Staff Affairs.

·        The interview should be carried out as soon as possible after the employee has declared his/her intention to leave.

·        The interview should focus on knowing the reasons why the employee is leaving.

·        The University will take any actions required as a result of the interviews.