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The Recruitment Process
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The Recruitment Process
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I. A-2
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This policy is drafted to ensure the faculty recruitment process is made systematic and compliant to specific steps and standards. It is designed to reflect transparency and accountability of all stakeholders towards the recruiting responsibilities and to attract quality teaching and research talent, from diverse and rich academic backgrounds. It also guarantees equal opportunity to all applicants through a centralized process, and ensures that the recruitment process is implemented according to an approved calendar. This recruitment calendar is set to meet the goal receiving faculty on campus in a timely manner, in order to allow them to resume their duties 2 weeks prior to the first day of classes.


Faculty Recruitment Committees

  1. University Faculty Recruitment Committee- Chaired by the Rector
    Terms of Reference

    1. Review of the policies of faculty recruitment and the selection criteria
    2. Review the recruitment procedures and enhancing them
    3. Review and assess and publish updated salary scales
    4. Supervise and control the faculty recruitment process
    5. Establish an annual faculty recruitment calendar and follow up its implementation.
    6. Provide general supervision of the faculty recruitment process.
  2. Technical Selection Committee- (Per Department/College)
    Chaired by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
    Terms of Reference

    1. Hold workshops to review and study applications received from the Recruitment Team
    2. Shortlist applicants and interview and recommend candidates.
    3. Hold meetings as required by the recruitment process.

Faculty Recruitment Timeline

The faculty recruitment is an annual process. Faculty members are recruited annually to answer the needs of both the Fall and Spring semesters.  Spring semester recruitment requires justification from the concerned college and can be submitted for special approval from the Rector.
A Faculty Recruitment Calendar is issued every year in the month of September and is published to the colleges after approval of the Rector.
Please see calendar template attached to this policy form.

Faculty Recruitment Process

All the steps below are tied with the Annual Faculty Recruitment Calendar published in the month of September of every year.

  1. Needs updates

    1. Colleges determine faculty needs for the entire academic year. This process takes into consideration all variables affecting the student body (new intake, graduation, drop offs, SAP and exchange students, etc.).
      Tools:            The Recruitment Request Form.
      Frequency: October 15 of every year.


    2. The VRAA reviews the submitted Needs Report and endorses it officially to the Faculty Recruitment Committee.
      Tools:            The Recruitment Request Form
                              The Recruitment Summary Table
      Frequency: October 31 of every year
    3. The Faculty recruitment Committee chaired by the Rector discusses the numbers and approves them for the upcoming annual recruiting season
      Tools:            The Recruitment Request Form
                              The Recruitment Summary Table
                              The Teaching Capacity Report
      Frequency: November 15 of every year
    4. The final recruitment numbers are published
      Tools:            The Recruitment Summary Table
      Frequency: November 15 of every year
  2. Advertisement

    1. The Faculty Recruitment Team ensures the advertisement channels are approved and annual memberships are verified and renewed
    2. The Faculty Recruitment Team ensures all job descriptions and package descriptions are updated
    3. The Faculty Recruitment Team posts approved vacancies
      Tools:            Recruitment Specialized Sites per discipline
                              Approved Recruitment Agencies
                              PMU Website/Oracle
      Frequency: November 20 of every year
  3. Inventory of Existing visas

    1. The GR unit reviews the existing visas and produces an official report to be presented to the Faculty Recruitment Committee. The report should include number of visas per nationality, rank, gender, as well as date of expiration. The report should reflect updates received live from Enjaz website.
    2. The GR unit ensures all unused  allocated visas are cancelled and freed for future use

      The GR unit ensures the provision of any due replacement visas from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Tools:            Visa Inventory Report
                              Enjaz Site Updates Report
      Frequency: October 1 of every year

  4. New Visas Acquisition

    1. In coordination with the Faculty Recruitment Team, the GR requests new visas for the upcoming recruitment season
      Tools:            Visa Inventory Report
                              Enjaz Site Updates Report
                              New Visas Request Table
      Frequency: October 15 of every year
  5. Application and Selection Cycle

    1. The Faculty Recruitment Team starts receiving applications starting November 20 of every year.
    2. The Faculty Recruitment Team submits applications to the College Selection Committees every Monday as per the approved calendar
    3. The College Selection Committees shortlists candidates and submit selected applications to the Faculty Recruitment Committee every Thursday. All applications forwarded are expected to be reviewed and assessed in writing and decisions for selection or non-selection should be justified in writing for each and every application. Committees may not hold applications but can recommend priority for hire.
    4. The Faculty Recruitment Committee schedules interviews on a weekly basis, preferably every Monday, but coordination with the departments may result in setting a different schedule that should in no way delay or hinder the recruitment cycle. Unavailability of a member of the technical selection committee should be resolved with an immediate replacement from among the faculty members, male or female.
    5. The Faculty Recruitment Team secures the Rector’s approvals starting the day of the interviews.
    6. The Faculty Recruitment Team issues approved offers one day following the Rector’s approval.
    7. Only one interview is conducted per candidate by the college. The remaining selection and approval process will be conducted via other media venues.

      Tools:            Summary Selection Sheet (SSS)
                              Applicant Information Sheet (AIS)
                              Course Listing Sheet (CLS)
                              Candidate Verification Checklist
                              1 minute Introductory Video
      Frequency: Weekly until April 10

  6. Closure of recruitment for Fall as per the approved calendar

    Annual Recruitment is closed starting April 10. Applications received after that date will be sent an automatic reply indicating the closure of the applications deadline and confirming deferral of application for any upcoming vacancy in the near future.
  7. Preparation of Contracts, Visa Documents and Mailing of Visa Packages

    1. The Faculty Recruitment Team prepares approved faculty contracts
    2. The Director of Faculty Recruitment ensures the Rector’s or his designee’s signatures and the institutional stamps on the contracts are received in a timely manner. Signatures and stamps are to be completed within 2 days maximum. The process will be completed using appropriate receipt forms.
    3. The International Recruitment Team, in coordination with GR staff, prepares all visa packages inclusive of university registration, block visa, letter for degree attestation addressed to the cultural attaché, visa letter addressed to the Consul General, and a Power of Attorney to the candidate. Each package is expected to be ready with all required stamps (Chamber of Commerce and MOFA) within 1 week. The process will be completed using appropriate receipt forms.
    4. A credit card with defined limit is assigned to the GR staff member in charge of processing visa allocations and POAs on Enjaz website.
    5. A renewable Petty Cash of SAR 3000 is assigned to the GR staff member in charge of processing visa allocations (amount estimated based on processing fees published on the date the current policy was written).
    6. A dedicated GR staff will be assigned for stamping, notarization and mailing of visa packages and will be reporting to the Director of International Recruitment in coordination with the Director of HR Services.
    7. Aramex is the approved courier by PMU Management. Daily courier dispatching is scheduled as needed. 
  8. New Faculty Arrivals

    1. New Faculty arrival date is determined by the management and is announced in the University Academic Calendar; it is usually scheduled no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of classes.
    2. Arrival updates will be weekly communicated to the colleges to ensure maximum coordination and facilitate a smooth start of semester.
    3. Expected faculty report to be sent to the Faculty Reception Committee for housing, services, transportation, assets, offices, as well as orientation and professional development programs (copy to all staff members concerned).
    4. The Recruitment team will prepare the updated the Faculty Welcome package, and avail copies based on the expected arrival numbers.
    5. Faculty Onboarding organized by the International Recruitment Team to ensure that a new faculty member is received, settled in a suitably assigned accommodation and a suitably assigned office, entered in the system in a timely manner, that all the required legal documents are filled and signed, and the newly arriving faculty member is entered in the payroll through the official Appointment Decision, and duly introduced to the Department Chair/ College Dean, and has filled the proper onboarding services survey and the Faculty Information Updates Form (FIU).
    6. Faculty Orientation and Professional Development is conducted by the PDC according to a schedule announced usually no later than August 20.

      Tools:            Faculty Welcome Package
      Housing Assignment Form
      Onboarding Services Survey
                              Faculty Arrival Report
      Academic Calendar
      Faculty Information Updates (FIU)

      Frequency: Weekly Updates

The Recruitment Process

Faculty Recruitment Calendar Fall Semester (October 30– April 30)


# Task Responsibility Due date
1 Needs updates Academic Departments- VRAA October 15
2 Advertisement International Recruitment November 15
  Inventory of Existing visas GR October 01
3 Acquiring needed Visas GR with International Recruitment November 20
4 Receive the application and CV’s and submit to the Technical Committee
Send every Monday
International Recruitment November 20 –
April 10
5 Submit Shortlisted candidates with feedback to the committee Submit every Thursday Technical Committee November 20 –
April 10
6 Rector’s Interviews Faculty Recruitment Committee November 15 –
April 10
7 Closure of recruitment for Fall International Recruitment April 10
8 Contracts preparation International Recruitment April 30
9 Preparation and mailing of Visa packages International Recruitment April 30
10 New Faculty Arrivals Faculty Reception Committee August 13