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Annual Performance Review and Salary Increase Policy
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Annual Performance Review and Salary Increase Policy
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I. B-5
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines about Staff Annual Performance Review and Salary Increase to ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Staff will have their performance reviewed annually. The reviewing of staff performance is separate from the salary administration process; however, the staff performance assessment will be taken into account when determining the annual salary increase. The Departments Director will submit an increase recommendation to the Human Resource Department. The University President will make his final decision on Human Resource recommendation.

  • The annual evaluation performance will process on May every year and the salary increase will be effective on 1st of June.
  • The annual evaluation rate is from 0 – 5%.
  • The annual salary increase is from 0 – 5% of basic salary and the housing allowance will be computed 25% of new basic salary. Other Allowances increase will based on the final approval of University President.
  • The retroactive will effect in basic salary and housing allowance only. Retroactive for other allowances will effect as per approval by University President.
  • In case of a salary adjustment, the staff should have a prior approval from the University President, however, the salary adjustment will be effective on 1st of June of the current/following year based on the approval date of University President.