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Stipend for Academic Position Policy
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Stipend for Academic Position Policy
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I. C - 19
Human Resources
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To clarify the payment of Stipends for faculty undertaking the responsibility of temporary academic position.


The University Management may pay stipends to some of its faculty that are assigned the responsibility of undertaking certain temporary academic positions.

The following are regulations with regard to the payment of stipends:

1.     These stipends are to be paid to faculty who are assigned to undertake the responsibilities of the Chair, Associate Chair and Dean.

2.     The amount of the stipend paid to the Chair, Associate Chair and Dean is 2000 SAR per month.

3.     Faculty assigned as Acting Chairs, Acting Associate Chairs and Acting Deans are not entitled to receive this stipends.

4.     Stipends are paid only for 10 months of the year during actual regular teaching times. They are not paid during the summer vacations.

5.     Stipends are paid during the time the faculty is actually undertaking the responsibilities of the position and will stop being paid when his work comes to an end.

6.     These stipends are not to be considered as part of the total salary package of the employee.

7.     Payments of stipends are to be made using payrolls separate from the regular monthly salary payrolls.

8.     Stipends are not to be considered in the calculations of the end of service benefits of the employee.