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Building Security & Access Policy
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Building Security & Access Policy
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XV. 2
Safety and Security
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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the University Buildings are safe and their accessibility is controlled.


1.     PMU will furnish keys and/or smart cards to university employees only through the procedures specified in this policy.

2.     Keys will be issued only to authorized persons on an individual basis, and the person receiving the key(s) shall be fully responsible for such key(s). Keys shall remain the property of the University.

3.     Only regular University employees who work on at least a half-time basis may be issued keys, unless special approval is obtained by the appropriate Vice President and/or the President. Students will be issued keys only in exceptional circumstances, including:

  • The student is enrolled in a class that requires the use of restricted-access facilities such as the Network Security Laboratory in the College of Information Technology.
  • The student is an employee of the University whose duties require accessing areas such as workrooms in the Learning Resources Center that are normally available only to faculty and staff.

4.     All other student possession of keys to University facilities is prohibited. Exceptions to this provision must be based upon a strong justification and must have the prior written approval of the appropriate Vice President and/or the President.

Procedure :

1.     Issuance of Keys

Each administrative department head must submit a Key Authorization form for each employee listing the specific keys to be issued. Upon receipt of the approved Key Authorization form, the Office of the Physical plant will issue the authorized keys.

Department heads must limit the issuance of keys to those employees who must have them to carry out their regularly assigned duties and responsibilities. Keys will not be issued for occasional or random use. Multiple keys will not be issued to any employee whether a University employee or student.

Department heads have the authority to sign Key Authorization forms for their areas of responsibility only. If keys to another department’s area are needed, approval must be obtained for that department head on a Key Authorization form.

2.     Reproduction of Keys

Each key issued is for the exclusive use by the individual designated on the Key Authorization form, and the key shall not be reproduced or provided to any other individual for his or her use at any time, including temporary or emergency purposes. The reproduction of university keys is prohibited except by the Physical Plant locksmith or, in the case of smart cards, by the Office of the Chief Information Officer in cooperation with the Office of the Physical Plant.

Employees who violate this policy or who reproduce keys or allow them to be reproduced without authorization shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or possible termination of employment.

Students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action and/or separation from the University. If it is determined by the University that keys were illegally reproduced and the security of University facilities has been jeopardized, the person who reproduced the keys will be responsible for the cost of re-keying the affected facilities.

3.     Loss of Keys

The loss of a key or keys must be reported immediately by the individual to the department head. The department head will notify the office of the Director of Security and Safety and/or the Physical Plant locksmith or IT department as necessary. Failure to report such loss of keys will be a serious violation of university policy and may result in disciplinary action and/or termination.

The employee who lost the key(s) may be responsible for paying for the cost of replacing the key(s). The Physical Plant locksmith or IT department will assess the charges for the lost key(s) and notify the department head. After the department head has approved the charges, the employee will be notified of the charges. Keys will not be reissued to an employee until all charges have been paid.

4.     Return of Keys Upon Termination of Employment

At the termination of employment, it is the responsibility of the department head to contact the Physical Plant locksmith or the IT department, as appropriate, to determine which keys have been issued to the employee and make sure the key(s) are returned by the employee. A final paycheck will not be issued until all keys have been returned by the employee or payment made for any lost keys.

5.     Keys to Student Rooms in Residential Facilities

Students living in campus residential facilities may be issued individual room keys for their assigned room. Spare keys to student rooms are to be kept in locked and secured cabinets at each residential facility. Students must report lost or stolen room keys to the residential facility manager immediately.