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Prep and Undergraduate Admission Policy
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Prep and Undergraduate Admission Policy
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The Admission Policy outlines the principles andprocedures applying to students' enrollment into the preparatory and  undergraduate programs in PMU.

The aims of the Admission Policy is to facilitate attracting and retaining a wide number of competent students from diverse backgrounds, and ensure that all applicants are treated fairly, supported and clearly guided through the process.


Admission Procedures


    1. Go to PMU website www.pmu.edu.sa
    2. Go to Admission Icon/Announcement.
    3. Fill-up the application form, completing ALL required fields    before you click the submission button
    4.    Expect to be contacted by the Admissions Office at PMU through a phone call or a text message on the mobile number provided in the application.

    1. Perform the Push Process on Banner on a weekly basis, always returning to the date of opening admissions for the respective semester
    2. All Applicants' names will be filtered (male/female) into spreadsheet for update and follow-up (See attached Form # 01)
    3. Send SMS to all applicants within 24 hours from time of the push process to arrange for a date for the placement test and the interview (See attached Template # 02).
      1. Call to follow-up
      2. Email to follow-up
    4. Document and verify applicant's file, including high school stream versus the major chosen.
    5. Verify the Applicant Banner ID # through SPAIDEN (quick flow admin QFADM). Student legal name (Arabic and English), ID number and national/Iqama ID number to be verified for readmission and previously expelled candidates in order to avoid the duplication of ID number. The admission officers will also verify the copies of documents against the data filled in the application.
    6. The admission officer must not issue a new ID number for any reinstated or graduate who has decided to complete graduate studies at PMU. After meeting all requirements and finalizing readmission or reinstatement processes, the student should be transferred to the Registrar Office for the ID number activation.
    7. Authenticate documents on the (QFADM) quick flow admin. ALL entry fields must be filled, no field will be skipped; data entry in both languages must be verified.
    8. The applicant is subsequently charged 500.00 SR application fee by clicking on the box, which is on the last form of the Quick Flow Admin, before he/she is asked to go to the Accounting Office to settle the payment of the said fee.
    9. After the payment of the application fee (500.00 SR), the pink carbon copy of the receipt MUST be forwarded to the Admissions Office by the Accounting Department. The admissions officer will then attach the receipt copy to the applicant's folder.
    10. Applicants are scheduled for Math Placement Test (MPT), English Placement Test (EPT) and Admissions Interview if they meet the weight average for admission criteria.
      Admissions to PMU will be based on the following criteria:
      High school 30%
      Aptitude Test 50%
      Personal Interview 20%
      Decisions will be announced based on the above scale
    11. On the day of the EPT, enter applicants name and ID numbers to the EPT lab
    12. The applicant takes the Math Placement Test, English Placement Test and Writing Essay according to his/her schedule under the supervision of Admissions staff.
    13. After the computer based EPT, the applicant must take the written component of the test and wait for the personal interview. The upper part of the interview form must be completed by the admissions officer and the interview form must be attached along with the writing essay sample into the applicant's file, in preparation for the interview (See attachment sample # 03).
    14. If the applicant has provided an IELTS or TOFEL test score, he/she is required to sit for the Math Placement Test (MPT) and Interview only, and will be exempted from the writing and computer based English Language test.
    15. The computer based tests scores are printed by the admissions officer and filed for each applicant (See attachment sample # 04).
    16. The interview is conducted by the interviewing committee, which is composed of certified English Language examiner (usually appointed by the Dean of the Preparatory Program) and an Admissions Counselor. No result is communicated to the applicant at this point. Any other concerns from the applicant may be answered by the admissions officers.
    17. After the interview, the interviewing committee returns all files to the Admissions Office. No Original file will be allowed outside the Office of Admissions under any circumstance.
    18. The Examiner assesses the written sample, and the final oral score is averaged with the other components and the student is placed accordingly. A signed test score sheet is provided by the examiner to the Admissions Office (See attachment sample # SA/ADM/form124). The final placement sheet is endorsed by the Chair of the Preparatory Program to ensure consistency.
    19. The file along with the score sheet, is submitted to the Dean of Enrollment and Registration for a final review and a decision on admission and placement and an acceptance Letter is generated accordingly and based on the interviewing committee's recommendations- Either Acceptance, or Conditional Acceptance or Denial of Admission (See attachment samples # 05).
    20. The Admission Office contacts the accepted applicants via phone and text    messages to collect acceptance letters (See attachment sample # 06)
    21. Once the applicant receives the acceptance letter, he/she must sign a copy of the same acceptance letter which must be attached to his/her file.
    22. All accepted students are advised to pay the first installment fee at the Accounting Department within two weeks from the date of receiving the acceptance letter; at the same time the applicants' must submit the Original High School Certificate to the Admissions Office. Submission of the Original High School Certificate completes the final student commitment step to the admission offer extended by PMU. Students who do not submit this document for any reason will be on hold until further notice and will not be able to apply for any scholarship opportunity.
    23. Upon document submission, each accepted student has to sign the original documents submission form and get a copy of it; Original form must be attached to his/ her file. (See attached)
    24. The Accounting Department submits the pink copy of the receipt of the applicant's first installment fee to the Admissions Office to be attached to the applicant's file.
    25. Student’s Record must be activated by the Admission Officer by entering the first installment of 10,000 SR on banner through (SAADCRV).
    26. Upon closure of the admission season, the Admissions Office reviews all newly enrolled files for transfer of the files to the Registrar's Office as per the transfer form (See attachment form #----------). Any document missing should be finalized within the first two (2) weeks of classes, with a record hold on the student account until the completion of the requirements. Failure to comply to this condition will result in retrieval of the Acceptance/Conditional Acceptance Letter. Special arrangements in special cases are made at the discretion of the Dean of Enrollment & Registration or his designee.
  3. Admission Requirements

    The following should be submitted to PMU Admissions Office before the application is considered complete:
    1. High School Graduate:

      1. Copy of the high school certificate
      2. Copy of the Result of Qudurat test.
      3. Copy of the Saudi ID/Iqama
      4. Copy of the passport
      5. 2 passport sized photos (with head cover)
      6. SR 500 admission fees
      7. IELTS / TOEFL (if any)
    2. Transfer Student:

      1. Copy of the high school certificate
      2. Copy of Graduated Certificate (if available)
      3. Copy of  the Result of Qudurat test
      4. (if available)
      5. Copy of the Transcript (English copy)
      6. Course syllabus (English copy)
      7. Copy of the Saudi ID / Iqama
      8. Copy of the passport
      9. 2 passport sized photos (with head cover)
      10. SR 500 admission fees
      Credit Transfer requests are processed on an individual basis. Once the applicant is accepted, all his/her documents are sent to the credit transfer committee of the concerned college to evaluate the transcript and course description and to make a decision on the courses to be transferred. (See Credit transfer form attached.
    3.  The English Placement Test- EPT

      The EPT consists of the following:
      1. Listening Comprehension
      2. Structure and Word Form
      3. Reading Comprehension
      4. Writing
    4. The Math Placement Test – MPT

    5. The Admission Interview

      The Admission Interview assesses the following:
      1. Spoken English Proficiency
      2. Personal Skills
      3. Learning Sills Maturity
    6. Placing Students in a College

      Admission to degree programs at PMU will be determined by a number of factors, including the student’s grades in Preparation Program courses, the interview, the essay, and PMU designed and administered exit and placement tests. These measures will be combined to determine ultimate placement in the degree programs.
      Where demand exceeds the number of places available in specific majors, unsuccessful applicants may elect another degree program in order to continue at PMU. Second choice of major mentioned in the original application will be considered.
    7. Notification of Acceptance/Rejection

      The final decision on admission whether acceptance or rejection, will be communicated to the applicant via Banner AND in writing and a copy placed in the applicant’s file.
    8. Admission Periodical Reports

      The Admissions Office will report on the status of admissions as follows:                                      
      1. Daily report as per the template attached
      2. End of Season report including the number of total online applicants, total tested and interviewed, total accepted, total committed, total delayed and total cancelled.
    9. Re-Application by Unsuccessful Candidates

      Unsuccessful applicants wishing to be considered for future terms must submit a new application for the intended future term. Other documentation (secondary school certificate and standardized test scores) already submitted may still be used if they have been retained by PMU (if the application date has not exceeded one academic year). In all cases a search by student national ID number will be performed to avoid duplication of names on Banner system.
      Documents will be retained for one year. If no further contact with PMU is made by the individual during this time, the application materials may be disposed, and any originals will be returned to the applicant.
    10. Re-Admission to PMU

      Former students who have not attended another college, university, or other post-secondary institution since their last enrollment at PMU must complete an application for re-admission. Forms are available in the Office of Admissions. Re-admission to PMU is automatic following receipt of the completed application for re-admission along with the Re-Admission Application fee, provided the break in studies at PMU does not exceed one calendar year.
      Former students who have not attended another college, university, or other post-secondary institution since their last enrollment at PMU but who had a break in enrollment of more than one calendar year must re-qualify for admission as in case of transfer students.
      All former students who have enrolled at any college, university, or other post-secondary institution since their last enrollment at PMU must apply for re-admission as a regular transfer student. Students who re-enter PMU follow the academic requirements, policies, and procedures in force at the time of re-entry. All courses studied at another institution may be transferable provided the institution is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, the course content is evaluated and approved by the academic department and the student performance is satisfactory. Residence requirements must also be verified by the college and the Office of the Registrar.
    11. Delaying Admission

      Committed applicants who have settled the first payment of SAR 10,000 may choose to delay admission for various reasons. In such cases, the student may join the university in a subsequent semester provided the following:
      1. The student has requested to delay admission before the start of classes or during the Add and Drop week
      2. The student has requested to delay admission and will join the university within the two subsequent semesters
      3. The student understands that the seat will be available within one academic year only. After one academic year, a refund of the initial payment will be calculated based on the date of the request of delaying admission, and as per PMU policy for tuition fee refund
        The process will follow the steps below:
        1. The student will fill the Delaying Admission Request # (SA/ADM/form100)
        2. The student will provide reasons and a date for enrollment
        3. No refund of the initial fee will be processed
        4. Original documents will remain in the student file at PMU. In case any originals are needed, the student will fill the attached request form…
        5. An email is immediately sent to the Registrar’s Office to drop any registered courses for the semester and to change the status of the student on Banner.
        6.  An email is sent to the Accounting Office to freeze the account with immediate effect.
        A list of delayed admission cases will be sent to the Dean of Enrollment & Registration for reporting purposes at the end of the admission season.
    12. Cancelling Admission

      Committed applicants who have settled the first payment of SAR 10,000 may choose to cancel admission for various reasons. The request will be processed as admission cancellation provided it meets the following criteria:
      The student has requested to cancel admission strictly before the start of classes or during the Add and Drop week at the latest
      1. The student understands that the admission offer will not be valid after a cancellation is made and that a new application and admission process will be needed for future admission. Placement test results remain valid for 2 semesters only.
      2. Student understands that refund will be processed    based on the date of the request and as per PMU policy for tuition fee refund.
        The process will follow the steps below:
        1.  The student will fill the Cancel Admission Request # (SA/ADM/form058)
        2. Original documents will be released and the student will sign the Receiving Form # (SA/ADM/form130)
        3. An email is immediately sent to the Registrar’s   Office to drop any registered courses for the semester and to change the status of the student on Banner.
        4. An email is sent to the Accounting Office to refund the account with immediate effect.

          A list of cancelled admission cases will be sent to the Dean of Enrollment & Registration for reporting purposes at the end of the admission season.
    13. Change of Major after Admission

      Admitted students may choose to change their chosen major. This is possible provided the student meets the admission requirements of the newly chosen major. The request to change major for a committed student will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for processing and implementing the changes on Banner.
    14. Health Policy Upon Admission

      PMU requires students to provide a thorough health history and show proof of immunization and other health related conditions at the time of initial enrollment in accordance with governmental regulations concerning students in post-secondary institutions (see form attached). This may include evidence of an individual health insurance policy.
      The Clinic Staff verify new student’s health records through the Health Form to advice on possible problems affecting student admission or performance at PMU. A report with findings of the verification process is sent to the Admissions Office, and where situations may affect admission of students, the office advises the Dean of Students who will issue a final decision for individuals detected with serious health issues.
    15. Student Identification Card

      Students will be issued a university Identification Card (ID) which should be carried at all times while on campus. The Admissions Office forwards admissions lists periodically to the ID Office at PMU. Photos of accepted students will also be provided to prepare the ID cards for the students. This process should be performed in a timely manner as ID activation may take up to 5 working days.
    16. Newly Admitted Student Schedules

      The Admissions Office guides newly admitted students to the Office of the Registrar to receive their schedules upon student commitment and payment of fees. While Preparatory students are registered according to their level, undergraduate students receive their study plan and register core courses guided by the registration officer
    17. Newly Admitted Students Activation of IT Services

      The Admissions Office sends admission lists periodically during the admission season to the IT department for the activation of emails, banner and blackboard accounts.
    18. New Student Orientation

      Prior to registration, an academic orientation is scheduled for all new students to acquire them with the general academic university regulation, policies and services. The Admissions Office arranges orientation dates and attendance with the Department of Campus Life who organizes a full orientation program prior to the start of classes.
    19. Office Hours

      Office Hours of the Admissions Office are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Sunday through Thursday.