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Local Recruitment Policy
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Local Recruitment Policy
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I. A-3
Human Resources
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To describe the procedures to be followed in recruiting staff local hires.


All staff local hires are to be recruited by the Human Resources Department  in collaboration with Departments /                                                   Colleges according to the procedures stated below:

Procedure :

1.Departments/Colleges submit job requisition request form (attached 1) to the Director of HR.

2.HR Director analyze and verify the request and submit recommendation to Rector for approval.

3.Director HR provides suitable CVs to the Department/ College after making sure that the level of qualifications, English language proficiency and other related competencies are satisfactory as per job requirements.

4.Departments/Colleges review and evaluate submitted CVs and fill in for each candidate the supplied “Document (CV) Review Form (attached 2)” provided by HR with each CV.

5.Departments/ Colleges submit the completed “Document (CV) Review Forms’’ to HR.

6.HR prepare for conducting interviews with short listed candidates.

7.Interviews are made by the local Recruitment Committee which include HR Director, requesting department head and subject expert if the position poses specialized technical aspects.

8.Only the local Recruitment Committee led by HR Director has the authority to recommend to Rector final decisions regarding recruitment of candidates and their salary packages.

9.Director of HR will notify successful candidates of the decision of their selection for appointment.

10.Director of HR will prepare the final appointment decision and obtain the final approval of the Rector.

Note: Nobody should give any recommendation or promise of appointment or any information regarding salary packages or benefits to candidates. Only the HR Director upon getting final approval of Rector authorized to do so.

Local Recruitment Policy
Local Recruitment Policy
Local Recruitment Policy