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Faculty Consulting and Outside Employment Policy
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Faculty Consulting and Outside Employment Policy
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I. B-14
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Faculty Consulting and Outside Employment and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


A faculty member is accountable to the university for 100% of the duties associated with his or her appointment in the three areas of teaching, scholarly and creative activity, and service. In some cases, a faculty member’s scholarly and creative and/or service obligations may be met by engaging in consulting or applied research. Such activities will be considered part of the faculty member’s normal duties. In addition, consulting with students and colleagues, occasional lectures to university groups and assistance with certain professional activities are recognized as part of the normal obligations of faculty and professional staff for which no additional compensation is required.

However, paid employment outside of one’s normal faculty duties that enhances the performance of those duties is encouraged as furthering the interest of both the individual and the university. Consulting, professional performance, and other appropriate outside employment or activities can contribute to the effectiveness of the faculty member as a teacher and as a productive scholar, and can also contribute to the individual's and the institution's obligation of public service. Appropriate paid outside employment may include teaching on a temporary part-time basis at another institution, establishing or joining a firm or private business, or engaging in the private practice of a professional skill.

In no case should outside employment interfere or conflict with university responsibilities or bring about harm to the university, its students, or employees. Accordingly, the faculty member must agree to the following guidelines:

  • Proper performance of one’s university assignment is paramount, and outside work will assume a position secondary to university duties.
  • The performance of consulting or outside employment activities will not require a time commitment averaging more than one day per calendar week.
  • These activities will be scheduled so as not to interfere with regularly scheduled classes or other faculty duties.
  • The faculty member will preserve the best interests of the university by avoiding any conflict of interest.
  • The faculty member may not use any materials or facilities of the university in the course of outside employment unless such use is explicitly authorized, in writing, by the President
  • The faculty member will make a reasonable effort to assure that outside employment is not identified with the university.

Before engaging in outside employment, the faculty member must submit a written request to the Chair or Associate Chair. The review of such requests will include consideration of any real or apparent conflict of interest and any potential benefit to the university. Requests for outside employment must be approved by the Associate Chair (when appropriate), the Chair, the Dean of the College, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President