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To describe the admission process to graduate programs and the responsibilities of all parties concerned.



1.    The admission process to graduate programs will start at the Graduate Admissions Office within the Deanship of Student Affairs and involves the department offering the graduate program, the Dean of Student Affairs, the Dean of the College.

2.    Applicants must satisfy the University criteria for admission to graduate studies and the Graduate Program specific admission criteria.

3.    All applicants must show evidence of English Language Proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 as an overall with a minimum score of 5 in each skill. (Admissions Office to determine whether an applicant is required to provide IELTS/TOEFL iBT or to be exempted due to completing the previous Bachelor’s degree in English language.

Procedure :

Step 1:

1.    The Graduate Admissions Office (Male/Female) receives applications.

2.    Graduate Admissions officers make sure that application’s documents are complete and the provided documents meet the PMU Criteria for admission to graduate studies.

3.    Graduate Admissions Office schedules interviews, in coordination with the concerned departments, and sends a copy of the applications to the concerned College Dean offices.

Step 2:

1.    The College Dean in coordination with the Chair/Associate Chair of the Department check and review the applications and make sure that they satisfy the criteria for joining the specific graduate program.

2.    The College Dean sends recommendations (accepted and/or declined applicants) to the Graduate Admissions Office (Male/Female).

Step 3:

1.    The Graduate Admissions office prepares a list of accepted students per college which has to be signed by both the Dean of Student Affairs and the College Dean.

2.    The Graduate Admissions Office will then prepare letters of acceptance signed by the Dean of Student Affairs.

3.    Applicants will be notified with the final admission decisions via the Graduate Admissions Office.

Step 4:

1.    Graduate Admissions Officers will follow up with the accepted students until they are formally registered in the graduate programs.

2.    The colleges will plan, design and implement a comprehensive orientation program and coordinate with the concerned Departments.

3.    Accepted applicants will report to the concerned Department and start their studies.

Step 5:

           1.    The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs office will monitor the Graduate Programs delivery through the Dean/Director or the Chair/Associate Chair and the Dean of the College.