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Eligible Dependents Policy
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Eligible Dependents Policy
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I. C-1
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Eligible Dependents and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


PMU extends benefits to eligible dependants of employees.


An eligible dependent is defined as the employee's spouse or unmarried child less than 19 years of age. Unmarried children under the age of 19 initially entering the Kingdom are subject to entry approval by the proper Saudi Government authorities. For the purpose of this Chapter, eligible dependants may include all children who are in the legal custody of the employee for the majority of the employee's contract year. Eligible dependants include:

  • Legally married spouse
  • Unmarried children under the age of 19


The number of eligible defendants is normally a spouse and up to two children.

Medical Requirements

All defendants defined above must meet all medical requirements set forth by the Saudi Arabian Government and by PMU. These include a medical questionnaire, physical examination, inoculations, and any other specialized medical requirements which may be established by PMU or Saudi Arabian Law. Further physical examinations and inoculations on a periodic basis may be required.

Service Requirement

PMU imposes no minimum period of service before an eligible dependent may join an employee.

Residency Requirements

In order to qualify as an eligible dependant, the dependant must reside in Saudi Arabia for a minimum of 180 days in the employee's initial contract year. Each subsequent contract year, the dependent must reside in Saudi Arabia for at least 210 days.

Government Regulations

Eligible resident dependants must meet all requirements established by the Saudi Arabian Government for residence in Saudi Arabia. Coordination to obtain the necessary Government documentation is provided by the Government Relations Section of the Administrative Affairs Department