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Change in Personal Circumstances Policy
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Change in Personal Circumstances Policy
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I. C-2
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Change in Personal Circumstances and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


It is the employee's responsibility to immediately notify the Human Resources Department when any change in the employee's personal circumstances occurs that affects the employee's employment status.


Spouse's Failure to Meet Requirements

If an employee's spouse fails to pass the medical examination or is not issued a visa to enter Saudi Arabia or fails to satisfy the residency requirements as in Eligible dependent’s policy, the employee’s spouse will not be eligible for any PMU benefits.

Legal Separation or Divorce

If an employee becomes legally separated or divorced, the employee's former spouse will not be eligible for any PMU benefits.  The former spouse would be repatriated by PMU. If the employee and the spouse are both employed by PMU, the applicable benefit group of the position for each one of them shall apply.

Marriage While Employed

An employee who becomes legally married while employed by PMU then the employee’s contract would be modified to include the spousal benefits subject to the spouse satisfying the eligibility requirements. The employee must submit a legal marriage certificate that is certified both by the employee's Embassy and the Saudi Arabian Government, along with the employee's notification of change in personal circumstances, to the Human Resources Department.

No Duplication of Benefits

If two (2) employees of PMU marry or if a dependant of an employee is employed by PMU, similar notifications apply as mentioned in (marriage while employed) paragraph above. There can be no duplication of benefits.  The contracts for each employee will be modified so that the spousal or dependent benefits will be included in one contract only