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Student Registration Policy
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Student Registration Policy
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This policy sets registration and early registration standards at PMU, determining the roles of the Registrar staff, the colleges as well as the students in the registration process.

  1. Registration Information

    Registration procedures are outlined and published by the Office of the Registrar and are available in printed manuals, on PMU website and with the Registrar's Office staff, particularly during early registration, registration and confirmation periods.
    This information indicates the registration steps along with the place, date and time for each step. It also lists initial course offerings. A continually updated list of these offerings is posted on the PMU Web site, through Banner Self Services.
  2. Registration for a New Semester

    Registration involves four (4) principal steps:
  1. Advisement and Consultation
    In coordination with their advisors- assigned by their college and updated before early registration if needed- college students complete the registration worksheet and receive their registration Alternative Pin Number to complete early registration on Banner Self Services. Students will then register online. Instructions for online registration are available from the Office of the Registrar, and on PMU website/ Banner Registration Guide.
    Students are advised to follow the study plans published by their college for the smooth progress in their major of study towards graduation. Students who chose to delay courses, or to take courses in an order that is not recommended, understand that such decisions are made at their own risk and might affect their expected time of graduation. Advising/Registration Worksheets are produced in three (3) copies to be kept as follows:
    1. Student
    2. Advisor/College
    3. Student Record at the Registrar's Office
    Before the advising week, the Registrar's Office sends all advisors their    list of advisees (updated if needed by the college) with their alternate pins. Advising guidelines are clarified by academic departments to assist all advisors in their task and to ensure smooth advising sessions.
    The Registrar's Office also publishes an advising timetable that regulates the traffic of advisees to their advisors throughout the advising week.
  2. Selection and Early Registration of Courses
    1. Early Registration  for Core and College Courses
      Early registration is open on Banner Self Services by the Registrar's Office according to a timetable announced prior to the early registration. This timetable allows specific dates for the beginning of early registration for senior, junior, sophomore then freshmen students.
      Early registration will not require early payment for the new semester. Therefore, financial holds will not prevent students from early registration.
      Freshmen (advanced Prep students) and new students will attend Banner registration workshops organized by the Office of the Registrar to facilitate their self services on Banner Registration Module.
      Early registration will not allow any form of override. All overrides applicable may be implemented during confirmation and add and drop weeks only.
      Students with early registration difficulty may require assistance from the Registrar's Office who will hold waiting lists when necessary to accommodate all students into the courses required. Waiting lists are maintained through Banner and will guarantee that the student is on a waiting list ONLY when all sections of a course are closed, or when all offered sections conflict with his/her schedule without possibility of adjustments.
      PMU guarantees the students with the registration to the needed courses, but not with the selection of preferred timings or instructors. 
      The class schedule and the university catalog contain necessary information regarding registration instructions and general items of information, policies, and procedures.
    2. New Student Registration
      New students must make sure that all documents required for finalizing their admission, particularly those indicated in the letter of admission, are submitted to the Office of Admissions before registration begins. Upon completion of those documents and payment of registration fees, the student will be registered immediately by registration officers, and given his/her schedule immediately. The package upon registration confirmation will include: the student schedule (ensuring all rooms are assigned), the student services print out (SWRC001), the Academic Calendar, and an instruction sheet regarding the orientation dates and arrangements, the transportation and other services requests, the ID reception (Arranged by the Admissions office in coordination with the Department of Campus Life.
    3. Preparatory Program Student Registration
      Preparatory students’ registration is done by the Office of the Registrar as block schedules. Schedules can be printed from Banner Self Services after the exam results and the payment of fees. Bundles of English, math and study skills sections are prepared ensuring schedules are either day or evening, and the student does not stay on campus for over 10 hours per day.
    4. Transfer Student Registration
      Transfer students cannot register for subsequent courses if their transferred courses do not meet the prerequisite requirements. Transfer students must complete their transfer file and be awarded transfer credits during their first semester at PMU. Request for course transfer must be made before the registration period, with completed documentation. Credit transfer requests are sent to the colleges by the Registrar’s Office through the Credit transfer Sheet. Decision on credit transfer should be communicated to the Registrar’s Office by the Colleges within five (5) working days of the original request date.
    5. Payment of Fee
      Students are required to make their payment to be able to confirm their schedules prior to the start of classes. Students who have not settled their fees will have financial holds on their accounts and will be dropped from their courses at the end of the Drop Period, except for special cases who are given a grace period at the discretion of the Dean of Students to Dean of Enrollment & Registration. In all cases, confirmation will not be possible as long s the financial hold still applies.
      Payment will be made through bank deposit, bank transfer, or direct payment through debit or credit card. No cash payments are allowed.
    6. Schedule Confirmation
      Students schedule may be confirmed after settlement of all financial dues. Students can print their confirmed schedule from Banner Self Services and may proceed to PMU bookstore for the collection of their books- E-purse required.