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Housing Policy
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Housing Policy
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I. C-3
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Housing Issues and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


It is PMU policy to provide all full time employees with either housing accommodation or a housing allowance.  The employee’s Employment Contract will specify what applies to them. The housing facilities will be provided and maintained according to PMU needs and will be administered to ensure the safety and welfare of all occupants.


Housing Allowance Payments

For Saudi employees, the housing allowance payments are made as a part of PMU’s monthly payroll and equal to twenty-five per cent (25%) of the employee's monthly base salary.  For expatriate employees, the housing allowance is three (3) basic monthly salaries per year.  The expatriate employee receives the first payment of one-half of the allowance at the beginning of employment year and the second payment of the other one-half of the allowance after six (6) months of employment in that employment year.

Factors Affecting Housing Accommodation

Housing accommodation, where it is provided, will take into account whether the person is single, married with dependents, male or female. PMU will ensure that security and safety are prime considerations in the allocation of housing.   

Vacating Accommodation

An employee will be expected to vacate the PMU accommodation no later than two (2) weeks following their last working day at the termination of their employment.  Prior to the employee's last working day, Administrative Affairs will conduct an inventory of the employee's accommodation. The employee will be held accountable for any missing or damaged items due to his/her negligence or fault, or which are considered to be outside of the normal wear and tear of everyday living. Appropriate deductions will be made from the employee's final pay