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This policy sets the standards of building the university

Academic Calendars yearly by the University Registrar.


The Registrar publishes and distributes the annual academic calendar which includes dates for registrations, adding and dropping courses, payment of fees, holidays, final exams, commencement and other important dates.
The calendar consists of two 15-week semesters. The first semester begins in mid-September. The start date of the second semester varies according to holiday schedules during the first semester. Typically, however, the end of the academic year occurs in mid-June.
It is the responsibility of each student to consult this calendar and conform to all important dates and deadlines. No student will be exempted from any deadline or policy with the excuse of ignoring the published calendars of PMU.
The Calendar is published through PMU website, and will also be available as a printed document within all academic and Deanship of Enrollment & Registration offices at PMU.